Luxury Crewed Yachts Virgin Islands

Looking for the biggest, and most beautiful selection of Super Yachts, Power Catamarans, and Sailing Catamarans for the Virgin Islands? Look no further as we have put a list together of our favorites that are operating luxury crewed yachts in the Virgin Islands in the winter of 2021/2022.

Part 1: Super and Motor Yachts that you can book NOW for next winter.

Crewed Charters have become extremely popular as the well-traveled move away from large cruise ships to a more tailored and curated vacation. Intimate. Exclusive. Luxurious with perfect yacht and crew that match the quality of your luxury yacht.

You will find gourmet chefs, all the water toys you could imagine, Stewardesses to make sure your umbrella drink is perfectly chilled, and your own personal tour guide.

The cabins on these yachts are going to be larger than the average yacht, all air-conditioned, with room to spread out and relax.

All-Inclusive Super Yacht Charter Australia
One World Master Cabin

Sea the Virgin Islands

Pull up to the Soggy Dollar Bar at Jost Van Dyke for that perfect painkiller, visit The Baths on Virgin Gorda, and wonder why is sometimes called the 13th wonder of the world. We will wait. You tell us why after you visit Virgin Gorda.

Cruise from beach bars on white-sand beaches like Anegada to Top Ten SCUBA diving wreck dives like the RMS Rhone.

Our team specializes in helping you have the perfect vacation on your luxury yacht charter. We are SCUBA Instructors, Captains, and Chefs who operated yacht charters here for longer than I care to admit. We know the Virgin Islands like the back of our hand.

Luxurious Yacht Charters

These yachts are all fully crewed. Chartering options on them include inclusive which means that all your food, fuel, beverages, bar, and more is included along with a Captain, Chef, and usually at least a  Mate and/or Steward.

Or, some very large motor yachts run under the ” Plus All Expenses” Option where your charter fee includes the Crew, Yacht, Toys on board, but the provisioning and fuel costs are additional which allows you the maximum flexibility to control your costs.

These BVI yachts are all great for groups, coming in at taking an impressive eight to twelve guests.

Allegra 67 Ella Lee II Catamaran
Ella Lee II Catamaran Jacuzzi

Curated Motor Yachts Virgin Islands

Starting with Broadwater at 182′ and ending with Valere at 84′ these Super Yachts are hand-picked by our team for you.

Luxury Crewed Yachts Virgin Islands

How do you book yours? Simply contact us. We take care of the rest. And we will be beside you every step of the way.

Call Kerry, Ken, or Stephanie, your luxury charter yacht brokers. Your seat at the table is waiting for you

Luxury Crewed Yachts Virgin Islands Your seat at the table