Want to learn about chartering in the Bahamas? We just came back from the FIRST Bahamas Charter Show last weekend! Twenty-three yachts ranging from Sailing and Power Catamarans starting at 50′ to 165′ Bahamas Luxury Motor Yachts.

Fun Facts on Bahamas Luxury Charter Vacation Destination

  • Did you know there are 700 islands and cays in the Bahamas?
  • The Andros Barrier Reef in the Bahamas is 140 miles long and 6000 feet deep
  • Swimming Pigs are a unique sight to see on Big Major Cay
  • It is only 184 miles from Miami to Nassau
  • The range of the Bahamas is 5,358 mi²
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Bahamas Yacht Charter the Exumas

Tell me about Luxury Yacht Chartering in the Bahamas

With white sandy beaches and not only crystal clear waters but the most brilliant turquoise waters you can imagine, chartering a yacht in these island chains will free your soul and mind. 

Although I have been SCUBA diving and visiting the Bahamas over the years, I never realized that a luxury yacht charter rental in the Bahamas had so many facets.

The charter yachts in the show we saw last weekend all picked a theme and decorated their boat. What fun that was! Everything from the Roaring Twenties to Happy Birthday and Alice in Wonderland themes. Food and drinks aptly are centered around their theme.

Check out our teaser video below here on the different themes onboard these yachts in the Bahamas. Over the next few weeks, I will go deeper into details on all of them. I had terrific luncheons aboard Magical Days Motor Yacht and Delphine Sailing Catamaran. Think Steak with lump crab, bearnaise sauce and asparagus 🙂

Bahamas Luxury Yacht Charter Destination- Luncheon on Delphine Catamaran

Is it hard to fly into for your Bahamas Luxury Yacht Charter Vacation?

Many of the yachts we saw at the Bahamas Charter Yacht Show base out of Nassau, which is super easy to fly into. But, many will pick up just about anywhere in the Bahamas. There is also decent small plane access throughout the Bahamas with Makers Air for other locations and one-way charters to some of the out islands. You can get to Scotland Cay, Great Harbour Cay, Chub Cay, Andros Island, North Eleuthera, Cat Island, Staniel Cay, and Eleuthra no problem from Fort Lauderdale Executive airport. Makers air states they connect passengers to paradise, and I can’t argue there!

Bahamas Yacht Charter- Makers Air Destinations
Bahamas Luxury Yacht Charter Destination- Makers Air flights

Accommodation in Nassau, Bahamas

We went into Nassau, and our hotel was the British Colonial Hilton, which opened in 1923, although there had been a prior hotel on the premises since 1900. And the hotel in 1900 was on the site of an 18th-century fort! There have been two James Bond Movies filmed here. You can also find everything from Marriott, Holiday Inn to AirBnB on the islands.

Where will you go on your Bahama Charter Vacation?

That depends on what you want to do and see! As well as how much time you have. The Bahamas is such a popular yachting destination. There is no possible way you can see it all in one week. The Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park is a must-see. Created in 1958, this 176 square mile stretch of pristine waters, land, and beaches was the first land and sea park in the world and is famous for its breathtaking marine environment. Popular activities here include swimming, scuba diving, snorkeling, and shelling. The park is a no-take zone, so fishing is something you will have to do out of the park. I was particularly impressed with the FISHING GEAR and the love of fishing that many of the charter yachts showed!

What about SCUBA diving in the Bahamas off your mega yacht?

Many of our yacht rentals have Divemasters dedicated to the yacht and you can SCUBA dive off the large yacht or tender. Many of the yachts will use a local rendezvous dive company that will come to the yacht and take you to dive and then back to the yacht. I have a wonderful suggestion if you have room on your mega yacht and no Dive Professional onboard! Aquasafaris out of Palm Beach in Florida will fly in to be your PERSONAL professional onboard! The formula has been tested and tried by Dave Ochs over the last fifteen years with good success.

Bahamas Yacht Charters- Southern Itinerary by Aquasafaris
Bahamas Luxury Yacht Charter Destination- Southern Itinerary by Aquasafaris

What is there to do if it rains in Nassau?

Museums, shopping, dining, are everywhere you turn! We spent an evening at SEVEN at the POINTE, a brand new venue just opening. Called Seven for the seven amenities it provides for inside entertainment! This venue was brand new and gorgeous!
  1. Bar & Dining Lounge
  2. Arcade Games
  3. VIP Bowling Lanes
  4. Sports VR Simulator
  5. Pool Tables
  6. Movie Theater
  7. Karaoke Lounge/Event Space

What is the price range of yacht holidays in the Bahamas?

Of the 23 yachts that I visited last weekend, the price for a 7-day yacht charter, either fully crewed and inclusive or plus all expenses, went from a bottom figure of $18,000 up to $150,000. Quite a range. If you are interested in us providing you a quote for your private yacht vacation in the Bahamas, the best way is to fill out our quote form here. This allows us to collect all the information we need to find you the perfect yacht.

Bahamas Yacht Charters - Boats in Nassau
Bahamas Luxury Yacht Charter Vacation – Boats in Nassau

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