Virgin Gorda is best known for the infamous Virgin Gorda Baths. This island is home to 3000 people and a popular destination for tourists and yachters. So, if Virgin Gorda has been on your destination bucket list, you have come to the right place. It is a perfect place for a getaway if you want privacy and solitude. The island is famous for its natural attractions and beautiful sights, including the clear water and the surrounding area, which are a must-see. On a Virgin Gorda yacht charter, you can experience the sensational aquatic beauty and the surroundings of this peaceful island. Besides, you can easily island-hop to the other British Virgin Islands or the US Virgin Islands from your Virgin Gorda yacht charter.

Hike Virgin Gorda

About Virgin Gorda

Virgin Gorda is the 2nd largest of BVI’s (British Virgin Islands). Yes, the name means Fat Virgin and was named by Christoper Columbus in 1493. It is also known for the top destinations on the island, like the Spanish baths and mines. The place is more than just a getaway; it is one of the most relaxing destinations in the world. It offers everything: beaches, fresh fruits and drinks, springs, pools, mountains, and much more. The pristine beaches, aquatic beauty, and the weather make you feel alive again. Therefore, this island retreat is something you should not miss. The best way to see Virgin Gorda is by taking a Virgin Gorda yacht charter.  Aboard your private yacht, you can easily see the best spots on Virgin Gorda and the surrounding Virgin Islands. 

Things You Cannot Miss on your Virgin Gorda Yacht Charter

  • The Virgin Gorda Baths are not something you should miss. This place should be your top priority after your visit. It is one of the most photographed places in the world. Also, you must duck and crawl through some areas, so be prepared. You will certainly not want to miss one particular spot in the Baths. They call it the Cathedral. The room lights up like stained glass when the light hits the boulders just right.
  • Did you know Copper was discovered on Virgin Gorda? The Copper Mine, which is now a national park, is something you cannot miss. So, for all history buffs, you’ll want to check out the ruins of an abandoned copper mine.
  • Spanish town is where you can do your shopping and learn more about the culture and traditions of the British Virgin Islands. It also has a great atmosphere, and here you can enjoy delicious food and drinks. After all, what is traveling without being a foodie? Stop by Coco Maya to check out one of Virgin Gorda’s newest restaurants. It’s right on the beach!
  • Little Fort National Park is a wildlife sanctuary for animal lovers. The only readily accessible entrance to the park is the seashore, so you’ll be glad you have your Virgin Gorda yacht charter to take you there. This old heritage has 36 acres where travelers can hike and enjoy the beautiful sightings one cannot find easily on the island.
Virgin Gorda Luxury Yachts The BATHS
Virgin Gorda Luxury Yachts- The Baths

How to Get to Virgin Gorda Island

There is a tiny airport on Virgin Gorda that is mostly closed. But you can ferry over from St Thomas or Tortola or schedule a private boat to take you to your Virgin Gorda yacht charter. Also, if you have chartered a private luxury yacht from H2O Luxury Yachts, we can have the crew pick you up from Tortola or St Thomas. 

Charter a Virgin Gorda Luxury Yacht to See the Surrounding Caribbean Islands

There are many other islands near Virgin Gorda which you can see for yourself on your Virgin Gorda yacht charter. Therefore you can easily island-hop on your charter to Tortola, AnegadaSt ThomasSt John, Jost Van Dyke and more!

View of Seal Dog from Virgin Gorda
View of Seal Dog from Mountain Point on your Virgin Gorda Luxury Yacht Charter

Best Time of the Year to Charter a Luxury Yacht from Virgin Gorda

The climate of this island is delightful. People worldwide choose this destination because the island’s weather suits all seasons. Virgin Gorda will pick up your spirits if you have the winter blues. Also, you can charter a yacht any time of the year to explore nature’s perfect beauty.  But do remember, hurricane season peaks from August through October each year.

Yachts to Charter from Virgin Gorda

H2O luxury yachts offer premium services to their customers, providing the value you seek.  We are a respectable establishment with a long-standing reputation, and we genuinely care about our customers. Therefore, we have a wide range of services and Virgin Gorda yacht charters, which you can book according to your budget. We will help you find the best boat for your vacation and budget. We can customize packages according to your desires, including recommended itineraries. 

Are you looking for more Virgin Gorda yacht charter options? No problem! Use our yacht search to find more and fine-tune your perfect Caribbean vacation.

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