Christmas Yachts Virgin Islands

Xmas charters will take place any time between the 19th of December to the 27th and New Year between the 28th and the January 6th. Minimum 7 nights, or ten nights on the luxury motor yachts. 

Christmas Yachts Virgin Islands. Want to take your family on a special Christmas Vacation this year? Consider your own private yacht cruising through the British or US Virgin Islands.

We have put together a selection of yachts that are available for you to book right now!

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Yacht Charters as a Christmas Present

Make your present giving simple! A British Virgin Islands yacht charter is a sure-fire hit for all ages.  Plus, it’s the gift that keeps on giving with wonderful memories to last the rest of your lifetime. I hear from many families who brought their children to the Virgin Islands when they were quite young and now want to share it with them again and their grandchildren.

What is open in the Virgin Islands over Christmas?

All charterer favorites like Leverick Bay, Cooper Island Beach Club, Pirate’s Bight, Soggy Dollar Bar, and the infamous Willy T are all open for the holiday season, as well as a number of other BVI hot-spots.

If lobster and endless beaches are on your mind, spend Christmas on Anegada, where the Anegada Reef Hotel, Wonky Dog, and Cow Wreck Beach all await you with open arms.

Rock up to Lovongo Cay in the USVI and enjoy this new island resort.

Christmas Yacht Dates

Christmas Charters can run-up to the 27th or 28th this year with all yachts wanting a minimum 7-night booking and going out at their maximum rate plus a Christmas Week Surcharge.

Here are yachts for you to look at that are perfect for families and multi-generation Yacht Charters.

The availability is kept updated every week! Book early for the best yachts and prices.

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Want a non-Christmas Vacation?

Our Crews are equally good at allowing guests who want to get away from the entire Christmas Vacation idea to have NO Christmas reminders on the yacht.

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