Category: Power Catamarans

Power Catamaran Yacht Vacations are becoming very popular! We see many in the Bahamas, The Virgin Islands, Greece that is popping up more and more frequently every week.

Perfect for those who like speed, or want to cover a larger area.

Bahamas Power Catamaran Mucho Gusto

Bahamas Power Catamaran Mucho Gusto. Let’s introduce you to one of broker Stephanies favorite yachts and crew and our Boat of the Week! Mucho Gusto Power Catamaran charters, This 65′ Horizon..

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Virgin Islands Power Catamarans New Years

Virgin Islands Power Catamarans New Years. Let’s take a look at the power catamarans that are available for your Xmas or New Year’s Vacation this winter in the Virgin Islands..

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