Virgin Gorda Things To Do

Virgin Gorda Things To Do. You won’t be bored on land or the water around Virgin Gorda.

Virgin Gorda is the second-largest island in the British Virgin Islands. Discovered by Christopher Columbus in 1493, he thought it looked like a fat woman lying on her side. Columbus named it Santa Ursula y las Once Mil Vírgenes (Saint Ursula and her 11,000 Virgins), which was shortened to Las Virgenes or The Virgins.

Spanishtown was initially the Capital of the Virgin Islands until 1741, when it moved to Tortola.

The Baths

The Baths are the first thing most people read and want to see. Several beaches of pure, white sand tucked in between large boulders and rocks tumbling into the sea with caves and paths for climbing through, up and around. The Baths is genuinely a National Wonder.

When the Caribbean Sea was young, about 70 million years ago, lava flows brought up granite in an uprising that made these spectacular boulders. The Salt, Wind, and Wave action continue to create pits and holes throughout the rocks, which makes it an utterly fascinating place to explore.

The real estate next door at Spring Bay is some of the BVI’s most expensive, and from the sea, one would think they were in Polynesia looking at the architecture of the villas.

Things To Do Virgin Gorda- Visit the Baths
Things To Do Virgin Gorda- Visit the Baths

Copper Mine

Located on the South East End of the island on Mine Hill across from The Baths, one can go way back in history to the Amerindians who made jewelry and tools for trading with other island nations. Cornish Miners then mined the area in the early 1800s up until 1862. They built the ruins you will see here at the Copper Mine.

Coco Maya Restaurant- Virgin Gorda Things To Do

Looking for a great dinner off your yacht charter vacation? Consider Coco Maya Restaurant, where elegance meets the sand for beach chic! Signature cocktails and a fusion of Asian and Latin Cuisine are set in the most beautiful tropical setting you have ever seen.

Taxi Ride across Gorda Peak

Do some shopping in Spanish Town, and then while your yacht charter captain and crew take your yacht up to Leverick Bay in North Sound, YOU choose the taxi ride across the top of the island’s highest point!

With lookout views of the Atlantic and Caribbean Seas, there will be no shortage of great picture opportunities.

Michael “Beans” Gardner Happy AAARRR show at Leverick Bay Resort

If you are on Virgin Gorda between New Year and May, once you are off your taxi ride at Leverick Bay, take advantage of the Bar, Swimming Pool, Stores, and Restaurants, BUT don’t miss the last Jolly Mon of the Caribbean singing for his supper!

Suitable for all ages and conveniently located around Happy Hour, you can dress up in your best pirate gear, brush up on your pirate trivia, listen to this legendary singer-songwriter, and join in the fun with jokes, dancing, and rum shots.

After the show, go to the restaurant for one of the best steak or seafood dishes. Leverick Bay in North Sound is a fabulous anchorage for visiting Anegada the next day.

Michael Beans Gardner Virgin Gorda Things To Do
Michael Beans Gardner Virgin Gorda Things To Do

Looking for more Virgin Gorda Things To Do?
SCUBA dive the Kodiak Queen

At Mountain Point, in about 70′ of water, you can find Richard Branson’s sinking of the Kodiak Queen several years ago. When first sunk, this wreck had an elaborate display of a South African Kraaken wrapped around it, which unfortunately took a hit in the hurricanes of 2017. The fish life is perfect here.

As a bonus, if you are anchored at Mountain Point overnight, you will have a spectacular sunset over Seal Dog Island. Mountain Point is also an excellent space for yacht charter water sports.

SCUBA dive the Kodiak Queen
SCUBA dive the Kodiak Queen

Hang at Savannah Bay

And I do mean hang! You may wonder why you won’t see much more than the odd cow wandering the beach. We, too, have wondered for a long time. There are no people, shallow water, and a long beach, and it is excellent for very easy snorkeling for adults and children. Savannah Bay is a perfect spot to “hang.”

Cheers! FAQ Crewed Yacht Charters
Cheers! FAQ Crew Yacht Charters

Picnic and Snorkel on Prickly Pear

If exploring by yacht or tender, one of my favorite places is the BACKSIDE of Prickly Pear Island—a decent beach out of the way and a pleasant anchorage stop.

Necker Island, The Sand Spit, and Gumption’s Tours

It’s always the most popular tour around! Want to visit the Lemurs and Flamingoes on Necker Island? Now it is your chance! Sold out for months in advance, let’s book you early on Gumption’s Tour. All our guests love it.

Gumption's Necker Island Tour- Virgin Gorda Things To Do
Gumption's Necker Island Tour- Virgin Gorda Things To Do

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