Category: Mediterranean Yacht Charters

While most of Europe slow down during certain months, many parts of the Mediterranean are booming year-round (and for good reason!) Whether you come for the stunning, peaceful coastlines or the discernible displays of wealth, the Mediterranean is a yachting staple you just can’t miss. Plan your trip with our travel experts today! We will take care of everything need to book your yacht charter in the Mediterranean.

The Meltemi Winds of the Aegan Sea

Thinking about taking a summer holiday in the Cyclades? Understanding the Meltemi winds is crucial when planning your sailing vacation. The Cyclades Island group rests in the Aegan Sea and..

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Why Luxury Yachting in Greece Tops Our List

We love yachting in Greece for at least a million reasons (not that we’re counting). The seemingly endless islands are begging to be explored

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Summer Yachting in Europe is a Don’t Miss Getaway!

Explore the Blue Grotto in the Mediterranean and wander the idyllic streets of St Tropez to learn why summer yachting in Europe is a don’t miss getaway.

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Luxury Yacht Charter Italy

Yacht Charters in Italy offer a great way to explore paradise! Italy boasts enough history, adventure and sights to keep you entertained for a lifetime. From Cinque Terre’s colorful coastline to the winding canals of Venice, exploring Italy by private yacht is the only way to receive a high-class, immersive experience.

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Luxury Yacht Charter Spain

Juxtapose the vivid nightlife in Ibiza with the peaceful anchorages of Majorca for a luxurious getaway you simply can’t forget. Embark on a whirlwind vacation to Spain’s top cities and bustling islands from the privacy of a luxury yacht charter.

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Yacht Charter Greece

Gorgeous, Glamorous, Greece Book a yacht charter in Greece and see the white-washed caves of Santorini and the bright blue Aegean and Ionian seas from a whole new perspective. You’ll..

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