What does “plus expenses” mean?

Rates for larger motor yachts don’t always include running expenses like food, dockage, and fuel. Instead of an upfront “all-inclusive” fee, the final step to your plus-all luxury charter is paying all remaining expenses.

The Caribbean is an outlier in the world, being one of the few places that offer fully crewed and inclusive yacht charters. Most other places in the world ask for expenses on top of the charter fee.

Typically your charter fee in the plus expenses method includes the yacht, the crew, the crew meals, and the furnishings and toys onboard the yacht.

Enjoy Your Charter and be Aware of Expenses

You probably aren’t counting your pennies if you’re considering a luxury charter — but no one likes to be surprised with a hefty bill.

Expect to pay 25-to-35-percent of the charter fee with your final payment to cover all additional costs. Industry talk for this payment is an APA — Advanced Provisioning Allowance. The captain keeps a running tab of expenses during your getaway and keeps you up to date with the total cost.

Plus-All Expenses can be a Huge Plus for Yachters

Plus-all luxury charters can actually be a more economical choice for yachters. It’s often difficult to anticipate how much food, drinks and other expenses will be used on a mega yacht. If you’re hesitant to book a charter that lacks a fixed budget, chat with the H2O Luxury Yachts team for some help.

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