Yacht Shows H2O Brokers Attend in 2024

It is mid-April, and the yacht charter shows are about to start. These shows are an essential part of the meticulous process followed by H2O Luxury Yachts, allowing them to preview and carefully select the luxury yacht charters they will present to their clients next year.

The team conducts numerous yacht tours, attends educational seminars, and networks with industry professionals.  We connect with charter crews, explore new locations, and participate in many events that showcase the clients’ interests during their yacht charter vacation.

After viewing the large motor yachts at the Palm Beach Yacht Show, we had a fabulous show.

Kerry and Meghan in the USVI
Kerry and Meghan in the USVI

🇬🇷 Next stop, Greece!!! 🇬🇷

EMMY: 25-28 April Greece

The East Mediterranean Multihull & Yacht Charter Show will take place in Greece on the picturesque island of Poros. This show focuses on multihulls and displays a wide range of charter yachts. It is the 20th edition of this crewed charter yacht show, ideal for showcasing the yachts available for charter in the Greek market. The event provides an excellent opportunity to discuss the latest trends and innovations within yachting, especially those that align with crewed catamarans.

MEDYS: 27 April – 1 May Greece

H2O Luxury Yachts will be at the 9th edition of the Mediterranean Yacht Show organized by the Greek Yachting Association. The show will be held in the Port of Nafplion, the perfect location to highlight and provide valuable insights into the various Greek cruising grounds. This unique event is the largest crewed charter show, featuring nearly 100 yachts. It is an excellent opportunity to showcase Greece’s exceptional cruising grounds and the vast choice of luxury charter yachts for 2024 and beyond.

🇹🇷 Next stop, Turkey! 🇹🇷

TYBA: May 3-7th Turkey

Gocek is celebrating its fifth year, and H2O Luxury Yacht brokers will attend this vital charter show event in Turkey and East Med for the first time this year. The town is an exciting new location emerging as the latest hot spot for Turkish yachting. The team is excited to bring this exciting new destination to their clients!

🇺🇸Next stop the United States! 🇺🇸

Newport Charter Yacht Show June 23-26

It is the second year that H2O Luxury Yachts has attended this show, which showcases luxury charter yachts alongside a display of ancillary goods and services for the charter industry. Celebrating over 35 years, the Newport Charter Yacht Show is dedicated exclusively to yacht charter professionals, agents, owners, brokers, and captains.  The Newport Charter show takes place in the dynamic, picturesque setting of Newport, Rhode Island. The yachts that tend to cruise New England in the summer and either Florida, the Bahamas, or the Caribbean in winter are showcased at this event.

Kerry Hucul of H2O Luxury Yachts
Kerry Hucul of H2O Luxury Yachts

🇭🇷Next stop Croatia! 🇭🇷

Croatia Yacht Show October 1st – 3rd

The first superyacht show in Croatia will present fifty crewed charter yachts operating in the Adriatic to the international yacht charter industry. The Croatia show will occur in Zadar, with a rumored second show immediately after.

🇻🇮 Next stop, USVI! 🇻🇮

United States Virgin Islands Nov 8th – 11th

Close to 90 yachts are exhibited in the US Virgin Islands every November. This is the 8th year the event has occurred at Yacht Haven Grande in St Thomas.

🇻🇬 Next stop, BVI! 🇻🇬

British Virgin Islands Nov 12th-15th

The British Virgin Islands show has been a significant player on the Caribbean scene for decades. The USVI and the British Virgin Islands take turns going first or second every year. This is home territory for us, where we started as crew members in the 1990s, running yacht charters on our own yacht.

🇦🇬Next stop Antigua! 🇦🇬

Antigua December 4th-9th

The Antigua yacht show marks the beginning of the Caribbean season for motor yachts. They have all returned from the Med or down from the USA and are showing off their yachts before the holiday season starts. Glitz and glamor with large yachts are the hallmarks of this grand lady of yacht shows that ALL yacht brokers look forward to.

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