What is a Fully Crewed and all Inclusive Yacht Charter?

The fully crewed and inclusive yacht charter originally came out of the Caribbean, and that is where you will still find a lot of yachts that offer fully crewed and inclusive yacht charters.
Your charter fee includes the Captain, Cook, and for larger boats, sometimes a deckhand and stewardess or Dive Instructor.
It includes the Boat, the Furnishings, the Water Toys aboard, and MOSTLY all the expenses. Three meals, snacks, desserts, beverages, standard ships, bar, wifi, and more.
Prepare not to lift a finger during your private yachting getaway! The Crew onboard your inclusive charter takes care of everything- cooking, cleaning, sailing, you name it. Expect luxurious multi-course meals prepared by your private chef and a fully stocked bar.
  • You pay the entire charter fee upfront.
  • You cover your incidentals such as anything you chose to eat or drink inland.
  • Perhaps SCUBA diving could be an extra charge.
  • Any upgrades on the wine and liquor.
  • Any dockage that YOU request during the week.
The crew facilitates everything you want to do. The Captain and Crew are very good at anticipating your needs, and their attention to detail provides you a high level of service.
At the end of your vacation, a gratuity (tip) for the crew who have taken care of you all week long is appropriate. 15-20% is “Industry-standard,” and you adjust it up or down depending on the service you feel that you have received.