Marine Services & Products

Marine Services & Products are available to help your yacht or marine business succeed!

Charter Yacht Management-

  • Charter Yacht Management specializing in luxury yachts based in the Caribbean and particularly the British Virgin Islands. We can take any yacht and refit it for charter, or out of one of the Bareboat fleets if needed. Or use our services for complete company set up, marketing and programs for your charter yacht,

Marine Services & Products- Technical

  • Machine Work, CNC Milling, Engineering, Welding, Metal Fabrication, Custom & Digital Electronics, Microprocessor Controls, Custom Jobs, and Plastic are all easily handled out of our West Coast Florida or British Virgin Islands location
  • H2O has a Fully Qualified Marine Engineer on Staff with expertise ranging from Diesel Mechanics to Project Management.
  • Journeyman Trade Licenses and Post Trades Motor Mechanic, Diesel Fitter, Electrical, Hydraulics/Pneumatic, Outboard Motors, LP Gas Installation, Transmission, Welding, Refrigeration.
Marine Services & Products
Marine Services & Products

Marine Services & Products Business Consulting

Do you want to buy or sell a yacht? We offer support from beginning to end with Purchasing, Surveying, Registration, Licensing, Business setup, Consulting, and Selling as well as providing ongoing solutions for your yacht or marine business. Check out some of the services our affiliate, Nautical Consulting, offers in the Caribbean.

We enable you to be fully set up and legally running charters in the British and US Virgin Islands with our company set up program.

Marine Services & Products Waste Treatment System

Our automatic chlorine dosing systems treat your holding tank to Class C and allow you to dump in most places. A predetermined small dose of chlorine will go in each time someone flushes a head. Everything is electronic, and installation is simple. An environmentally friendly product, and a selling point to yacht charter guests.

Marine Services & Products Waste Treatment System
Marine Waste Treatment System

Benefits over other commercially available systems:

  1. Size. They are tiny and fit just about anywhere.
  2. The price. Our waste management system is lower priced than those currently on the market.
  3. Logistics. H2O Chlorine Dosing Systems use the fitted black water holding tanks already onboard as the mixing chamber. So no need to have a separate chamber.
  4. Ease of use. The Marine Waste Treatment System does not need any thinking about once set up is finished. Except refill the chlorine every few months when it runs out.
  5. Adjustable for either salt or fresh-water electrical marine heads.
  6. Support. Our Marine Engineer can customize our Chlorine Dosing Waste Treatment System to any design and customization.
  7. Adjustable dose rating.
  8. Easy Installation
  9. It requires only one per holding tank, no matter how many heads feed into it.
  10.  Our system treats sewage to Australian Class C standards, which allows you to dump treated instead of raw sewage comfortably.
  11. No need for pump-outs (Please check your local regulations)
  12. No Holding tank smell.
H2O Chlorine Dosing Sewage Treatment Unit
Chlorine Dosing Sewage Treatment System installed

H2O Chlorine Dosing System includes the electronics with a dosing pump, chlorine tank, and full instruction and Maintenance Manual.

Please view our marine waste treatment system listing on Harbor Shoppers. Ships from either the Virgin Islands or Canada. Please contact us directly for ordering if you are NOT in the Virgin Islands.

Harbor Shoppers, Buy & Sell Marine

Marine Services & Products Bilge Systems

Now in prototype, Stage 1 replaces the bilge float switch and is a “no moving parts” bilge pump switch, which is rated at 17 amps and tested to 60 degrees Celcius.

H2O Bilge Pump Switch replaces standard float switches that often fail and without warning to you.  Our Bilge pump switch is electronic and fully customizable to the requirements of a yacht.

Our system keeps a log of each time the switch goes off.

Float Switches fail commonly nowadays since they stopped using mercury and switched to ball bearings in them. Every time water sloshed in the bilge, the ball bearings move and create a small arc in the contacts. Eventually, the pump float switch fails as there is no contact.

Our Bilge Pump Float Switch never goes on with sloshing of water while motoring unless it is over 3 seconds. It will continue to run for 8 seconds after it senses no water in the bilge.

Bilge Pump Switch H2O Marine
Our small, compact, H2O Bilge Pump Switch

More Features on our H2O Bilge Pump Switch

  • Our Advanced electronic operation brings the troublesome bilge pump float switch into the digital age
  • Bilge Pump switching, monitoring, and a high-water alarm
  • No moving parts to jam, no metallic contacts to foul.
  • Our Bilge Pump Switch had no in-water metallic probes to cause electrolysis.
  • Additionally, the design of our bilge pump switch is built to be either a stand-alone switch and a high water alarm OR Part of our integrated bilge monitoring systems.
  • Our bilge pump switches are rated at 12 volts, and 17 amps in a grueling 60 Celcius environment.
  • H2O Bilge Pump Switches not only simply switch the bilge pump on and off but also monitor the current draw against the bilge pump.
  • A corroded wire, a shorted pump, a blown fuse, or many other factors that could cause your bilge system to fail will automatically trigger an alarm to be activated.
  • With us using two compact mounts, any direction sensors mean no moving parts, so no more sticky float switches!
  • Our switch also monitors the bilge pump when turned on manually. It will activate itself for 8 seconds when it senses a manual turn-on.

When this happens, the bilge pump has been connected to the power supply directly at the switch. And this can significantly increase the power to the pump. As often, the distance between the bilge pumps manual switch and the location of the actual pump can be quite some distance. The range can introduce resistance within the wiring circuit, which can considerably reduce voltage. Reduced voltage reduces the speed of the pump motor spins.

The Bilge sensor monitors for three continuous seconds of water contact to trigger the bilge pump on. Once the pump is activated, the current draw is continuously monitored. If the current consumption falls below 1 amp or above 17.5 amps, it could signal many different pump faults.

The most common pump faults are corroded wiring, shorted pumps, or water leaking into the bilge pump

Bilge Pump Systems H2O
Avoid a sunken boat with H2O Bilge Pump Systems

On our H2O Bilge Pump Switch, if the current falls out of range, an alarm is triggered.  When the bilge sensor no longer senses water, the pump will run continuously for a further eight seconds to drain the pumps hoses and to stop short cycling.

Immediately upon sensing water, the alarm signal triggers. The alarm signal causes the alarm terminal to go from its normal +12 Volt state to a floating state. This alarm terminal is typically led to the helm position and used to keep a relay continuously activated. Further, an alarm connects to the relay’s customarily closed contact.

When the pump switch sends an alarm ( no power at the alarm terminal), the relay drops out, and the normally closed contacts of the relay close, switching on the alert.

Our system with a constant signal during typical situations means that if any problems with either the pump switch or any wiring between the pump switch and the helms monitoring position will trigger an alarm.

With most systems, usually, you will not know that wiring or switches, etc. are broken until it is too late!

H2O Bilge Pump System includes the electronics with the float switch, full instructions, and Maintenance Manual.

Link to more information on our Bilge Pump Switch

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