5 Reasons to sail the British Virgin Islands? Well, now is the time to sail these 64 Islands and Cays while there is limited tourism if you want to explore the Caribbean of 30 years ago.

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Sir Francis Drake Channel

Reason # 1 Sail British Virgin Islands

The British Virgin Islands has always been known as the Sailing Capital of the World! With good reason. Sir Francis Drake Channel runs down the middle between Tortola and the “sister islands”.

This channel creates an area that is like a gigantic warm bathtub!. Calm and warm with waters so clear that you can see the bottom at 100′.

Now, you can sail in the tradewinds as if you are sailing there back in the 1970s! With hardly a boat in sight.

Sailing Catamaran Nenne drone view
Sailing Catamaran Nenne drone view

Reason # 2

The Top request along with Beach Bar hopping in the British Virgin Islands when I was doing charters were deserted anchorages. I prided myself that no matter how many boats were in the territory that I could always find a deserted anchorage.

Now, you can find many. These anchorages are undisturbed by anchors over the last year. The water is clear and the natural beauty is shining through!

You are still going to be sipping your Painkiller Cocktail on the flybridge while the sun dips over the horizon with palm trees blowing in the breeze. But, your view will be of NATURE. Not your rowdy boat neighbors.

I have to admit that many groups LOVE making their own party on the boat anyways. Why pay for an exclusive vacation on a yacht and go spend most of your time on land?

Reason # 3 Sail the British Virgin Islands

NOTHING has changed. Except you will be looking at a lot fewer boats! The Sandy Beaches are still there. Just Cleaner. Jost Van Dyke and White Bay will still welcome you with your favorite drinks after you are done with your peaceful quarantine on your private yacht. Willy T’s, Soggy Dollar Bar, Anegada, they are all waiting for you.

Nope, you will not be able to party hearty at a beach bar every day, but take the first 4 days that you are in yacht quarantine and relax, settle in, enjoy the deserted beaches and the sparkling clear water.

After your 4th day, COVID test comes back negative then you can hit the party spots! The day 4 test now comes in handy now that you require one to fly back into the United States.

BVI Charter Yacht Itinerary- Cow Wreck Beach on Anegada

Reason # 4

The smiles on your charter crew. With the territory being closed to tourists from last March to this December, the crews are eager for charters. They do not have back to back charters that tire them out by the end of the season.

Our crews have been busy upgrading their yachts, tuning up their cooking skills to turn out even more elaborate and deeply satisfying meals and cocktails for you.

I hear report after report on how much clearer the water is and how much more marine life there is.

With not many tourists, you have big beautiful anchorages that you can water ski or paddleboard around.

Rocus Wreck SCUBA Anegada BVI
Rocus Wreck SCUBA Anegada BVI

Reason # 5 Sail the British Virgin Islands

If you LOVE the British Virgin Islands and have enjoyed many sailing vacations there over the years, then you probably know many of the local characters. They need the support. They don’t need charity, but everyone on the island and in the yachting community can offer a SUPERIOR product right now.

For me, it is a win-win! AND you are vacationing in a destination that basically has managed to control their COVID exposure and it keeps you safe.

An opportunity like this may NEVER come again!

Why will you see so few boats? Many people are under the impression that the BVI is still closed to tourism.

It is not. The Sea Port Borders are closed. You can still fly directly into the British Virgin Islands, from Puerto Rico or St. Thomas.

Once you arrive at the Beef Island Airport of this beautiful sailing destination, you are warmly welcomed and taken to the new welcome center on the island. Once there, you will receive a COVID 19 Test and an app or tracking bracelet which you wear until your 4th day Covid test results come back.

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Gold Star Taxis and Yachts

You will be going by Gold Star Cleaned Taxis to Yachts that have the same designation. There are many anchorages that you can sail between, deserted beaches you can explore, and swimming opportunities during the quarantine period.

I would take the first few days to relax and chill. Find peace sailing these Trade Winds in the most beautiful of the Caribbean Islands.

Relaxing on a dock

If I wanted to get my party on, I would arrange to be up around Anegada when I was cut free to head out for a fabulous Lobster dinner.

Then take a long downwind sail to Jost Van Dyke to catch up on what is going on at White Bay and Foxys.

If you still have energy, end up at Willy T’s on Norman Island before heading back to your drop off.

The Caves, Norman Island, British Virgin Islands

You can either fly out of the British Virgin Islands or you can take a private water taxi or ferry over to St. Thomas in the USVI and fly directly home from there!

ASK US! We know these islands like the back of our hands, and will happily work through all the details to make your vacation on a charter boat there the best vacation you will ever have!

5 Reasons To Sail The British Virgin Islands..Heck, I could think of thirty right about now.

Check out the BVI Crewed Charter Yacht Society for more information on this wonderful sailing destination.


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