Sail & SCUBA the British Virgin Islands Itinerary

Sail & SCUBA the British Virgin Islands ItineraryIntroduction

Set sail for an unforgettable adventure through the British Virgin Islands, a collection of enchanting islands known for their spectacular scenery, hidden treasures, and vibrant marine life. From legendary dive sites to exclusive beachside dining, follow us on this meticulously crafted 8-day itinerary, ensuring a blend of relaxation, exploration, and nightly entertainment.
I have spent over 400 weeks circling the British Virgin Islands on a charter yacht. This itinerary is one I often recommend to encompass the highlights for charter clients but also has a focus on SCUBA diving.

Day 1: Road Town to Norman Island

Embark from Road Town and set sail for Norman Island, about an hour away. Famed for its tales of buried treasures, Norman Island inspired Robert Louis Stevenson’s *Treasure Island*. Upon arrival, anchor at Privateer Bay near The Caves for your first check-out dive at Angelfish Reef, or opt for snorkeling in the crystal-clear waters. After lunch, consider a trip to the raucous floating bar, Willy T’s, a favorite among those seeking a lively atmosphere. Depending on the mood, the evening can extend with a party on board or by anchoring closer to the bar for easy access throughout the night.

Sail & SCUBA the British Virgin Islands Itinerary - The Caves

Day 2: Norman Island to Salt Island

Start with breakfast on board before diving or snorkeling at The Indians, rock formations resembling an Indian’s Headdress and known for vibrant fish life. A stop at Peter Island offers a choice between water sports at Little Harbour or beach time at Privateer Bay. The calm waters of Little Harbour provide excellent conditions for pulled water sports, and a historical walk up to the ruins of an old Great House is highly recommended. Post-lunch, head to Salt Island, an uninhabited gem with salt ponds and historic ruins, and dive into the famous wreck of the Rhone, ranked among the top ten wreck dives worldwide.

Sail & SCUBA the British Virgin Islands Itinerary - Salt Island H2O Luxury Yachts
Photo by MARIAH PRINCESS III catamaran

Day 3: Salt Island to The Baths

Morning dives at the Rhone may be followed by a scenic sail to The Baths on Virgin Gorda. This must-see destination features stunning boulders, cathedral-like caves, and saltwater pools, perfect for snorkeling and sunbathing. Climb and navigate the boulders with ladders and ropes. End your exploration with a refreshing drink at the top, overlooking your yacht in the azure waters. Consider having dinner at the COCO MAYA restaurant, renowned for its spectacular setting.

Day 4: The Baths to Saba Rock

If overnighting at The Baths, start your day with a leisurely breakfast before heading to Mountain Point for diving and water sports. Continue to Saba Rock, where you can unwind with a tropical cocktail and enjoy shopping. Known for feeding sharks and tarpon at dusk, Saba Rock also hosts a quaint aquarium and a boutique, making it a charming stop before the sail to Anegada.

Day 5: Saba Rock to Anegada

The journey to Anegada, a coral island with pristine beaches and a protective reef, offers a chance for fishing en route. Known for its flamingos and rock iguanas, Anegada is ideal for beach bar hopping or taking a moke around the island. Arrange a lobster dinner at one of the local restaurants, and if time permits, enjoy an evening beach party with music.

Sail & SCUBA the British Virgin Islands Itinerary - - Anegada

Day 6: Anegada to Guana Island

Depart at your leisure for Guana Island, pausing for a dive at the Chikuzen wreck, midway between Anegada and Guana Island. Explore Muskmelon Bay, ideal for diving and bird watching, or enjoy a night dive. Guana Island, an ecological reserve, offers private beaches and luxury amenities, with half the beach accessible for a serene walk.

Day 7: Guana Island to Jost Van Dyke

Start with a dive or visit Sandy Spit for lunch, followed by a snorkeling trip to see the turtles near Little Jost Van Dyke. Depending on the conditions, stroll to the Bubbly Pool, known for its natural foamy water. Drop by Foxy’s Taboo for a drink before anchoring at Great Harbour for the night, where visiting the legendary Foxy’s is a must.

Sail & SCUBA the British Virgin Islands Itinerary - Peter Island Little Harbour
Peter Island British Virgin Islands Little Harbour

Day 8: Jost Van Dyke to Peter Island and back to Road Town

Enjoy the vibrant atmosphere at Soggy Dollar Bar and relax on White Bay beach before a late afternoon sail to Peter Island. Spend your last evening at Little Harbour or West End, Tortola, where you can try night fishing for tarpon. Reflect on your adventure and plan for your next visit as you return to Road Town the following morning.

Conclusion to your Sail & SCUBA the British Virgin Islands Itinerary

This detailed 8-day itinerary through the British Virgin Islands offers an immersive experience into the heart of the Caribbean. Each day brings new adventures, from diving famous wrecks to lounging on secluded beaches, ensuring every moment is filled with excitement and relaxation.

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