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The Caribbean is a dream yacht destination. If you have ever thought about spending a week aboard a luxury yacht island hopping in the Caribbean you have come to the right place. H2O Luxury yachts will help you find the perfect boat for your budget.


Why the World Loves Yachting in the Caribbean

In case you haven’t heard, the entire world loves yachting in the Caribbean. No, that’s not an exaggeration. After all, what’s not to love about crystal clear turquoise water

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Sizzling Yachting Destinations for Summer Yachting

If you’re the type of yacht lover who drools over gorgeous pictures and irresistible information about the world’s top summer luxury yachting destinations, then this post is for you.

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Southern Caribbean Yacht Charter

Immerse yourself in the cultural complexity of the breathtaking islands that make up the Southern Caribbean. Climb aboard your private charter as your captain navigates the yacht around the turquoise sea.

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Yacht Charter in Puerto Rico

Leave your passport at home for a luxury yacht charter in Puerto Rico. Fill your days bouncing between colorful waterfront cities like Rincón and bright coral reefs lining the Spanish Virgin Islands.

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Western Caribbean/Belize Yacht Charter

Dreaming of a Mexico or Belize Yacht Charter? If so then ait back in your chaise lounge as a crewmember on your yacht pours a round of daiquiris! It just doesn’t get any better than year-round perfect weather and endless fun on and off the yacht. Mexico and the Western Caribbean are the sweet escape you need this holiday.

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Cruise Around Cuba

Sail Away with Hemingway Head back in time to the infamous mobster’s paradise and the modern day mecca for rich history and laid-back living. Travel to and from Cuba has..

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Luxury Bahamas Yacht Charter

More Like Bahaaaaaahmas! Interested in a Bahamas yacht charter? We’re here to help! The beauty of the Bahamian islands and rocky cays extends far beyond cruise ship ports and commercial..

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