BVI Charter Yacht Itinerary.  Let’s talk to Ken Heare about his favorite places

What was your first experience with Yacht Chartering?

"I just spent a week on a leaking boat!"

BVI Charter Yacht Itinerary. My first introduction to sailing in the Virgin Islands was back in 2000 when some of my airline colleagues wrangled me into chartering on a monohull.  It was about as basic as a charter could get, I had nothing to compare the experience to, and when it was over, I didn’t have the burning desire to do it again.  For over a decade, I would tell friends about the time I chartered a boat, almost drifted into the rocks off Trellis Bay, sprung a leak in the fuel tank, and cut the trip short by two days, just to get off the boat.  But somehow, in spite of a not so wonderful first time, I convinced seven of my friends to take a second shot at yacht chartering with me.  And I sure am glad I did.  Six years ago, we were fortunate to get hooked up with the crew of S/V Promenade.  The memories of my first sailing adventure were replaced with the most fantastic vacation experience and friendship that brought me to H2O Luxury Yachts as a Charter Yacht Broker. I am committed to making your first charter experience better than mine!

Do you have a favorite spot to visit in the Virgin Islands?

BVI Charter Yacht Itinerary- Cow Wreck Beach on Anegada

With eight charters under my belt, three of which I worked as a deckhand, I have found that I find new places that add to the “must-see” list each time I go. But if I had to pick the one place I would like to hit every time I’m out on Charter, it would be Anegada and Cow Wreck Beach.  Getting to Anegada is the one day you sail for a reasonable distance.  Once we anchor at Anegada, we take off for shore, then we are off to Cow Wreck Beach, usually with a quick stop at the Anegada Beach Club and Loblolly for drinks.  We spend the rest of the day until dust snorkeling Cow Wreck, kicking back a few drinks at the beach bar, making friends, and basking in the stunning beauty that Cow Wreck offers.  Cow Wreck Beach is my happy place. When the sun goes down, we return to the yacht to rinse off the sunscreen and take advantage of fresh lobster and a little dancing back onshore.  

Anegada Lobster Dinner BVI
Lobster buffet

What does a seven-night BVI Charter Yacht Itinerary look like to you?

I will admit, at times, I am a creature of habit. When I sail the Virgin Islands with new guests who have no idea where we are or where we’re going, I like to make sure we hit the places that will leave a lasting impression. I hope they leave the islands with the excitement that brings me back repeatedly.  

  • Day 1: Sail from St. Thomas to Trunk Bay on St John
  • Day 2: Clear BVI customs at West End, Tortola, then to the Bight at Norman Island. I love spending a night at the infamous Willy T’s. 
  • Day 3: Snorkeling the caves at Norman Island then sail to Salt Island for lunch, beachcombing for sea glass, and snorkeling.  Then, a quick jaunt to Cooper Island for the evening. 
  • Day 4:  Early start to Spanish Town, Virgin Gorda.  Grab a taxi to the Baths, then a stop at Coco Maya for afternoon cocktails and a light lunch.  Back to the yacht with a quick trip to Leverick Bay and the Michael Beans show. Now that Bitter End and Saba Rock are back up and running well they are definitely on my list!
BVI Charter Yacht Itinerary- Visiting Michael Beans at Leverick Bay
  • Day 5:  Off to Anegada!  Scooter Rentals and Cow Wreck Beach
  • Day 6:  Sail to Muskmelon Bay on Guana Island
  • Day 7: Jost Van Dyke and the Soggy Dollar Bar for a full day of fun in the sun and the original Painkillers.  Then, over to Great Harbour to anchor for the night and an Evening at Foxy’s
  • Day 8:  Sail back to St. Thomas 🙁
BVI Yacht Charter
BVI Charter Yacht Itinerary. Finding you the perfect beach and chair

How do I contact you to get your help with my BVI Charter Yacht Itinerary?

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