Anegada Lobster dinner, BVI. How do you order it? It’s a bit different than you would imagine, and that adds to the romance of the experience.

I have talked before about Anegada being the perfect toes-in-the-sand, on-the-beach and experiencing fresh lobster.

There are many places there, and I am going to give you my experiences with each. Because of the uneven performance of some of them, I cannot give you the “ultimate.” This is totally the best one.

Anegada Lobster Dinner BVI will STILL be at the top of your list of fond memories after the trip, no matter the food, and let’s learn why.

In my mind, Anegada is the best place for Lobster because of the ambiance. On many nights, it is also followed by DJ music for dancing in the sand afterward.

Anegada Lobster Dinner BVI
Does this look like a great place for you to watch the sea from? Heading into Anegada

Getting to Anegada

After breakfast, you leave North Sound on Virgin Gorda and take a 2-3 hour sail to Anegada. The cruise is a good place to watch your cares float away, and if you have a fishing rod in hand, so much the better.

The water will become shallower and clearer the further away from Virgin Gorda you go and your crew may enlist your help to look for coral heads the closer you get to Anegada as they weave their way between them to find the passage.

Ordering your Anegada Lobster

Once you get close to Anegada, the Captain will radio your chosen restaurant, and they will give you the menu for that night. It will go like this.

Captain “I have eight guests for the yacht mystical coming for dinner tonight.”

Chosen Restaurant: “We have lobster, steak, chicken, fresh grouper, and ribs. We only have one dinner of grouper left.”

You will decide how many people at your party want each of them. And tell them. They will set aside those for your dinner. It will drop off the list when they run out of an item.

That is it. The restaurant will return telling you what time to be there for dinner.

Anegada Lobster Dinner BVI Sail & SCUBA the British Virgin Islands Itinerary -

How do they cook your Anegada Lobster?

The lobster is BBQ’ed on top of cut-open oil drums. A bit of Anegadian ingenuity!

You can watch them clean the lobster right when you get off the dock. They are split in half, cooked with butter, herbs, and seasonings, then wrapped in tin foil and cooked over an open fire. Typically, you find a baked potato and/or other sides with it.

Now, there are exceptions to this, as I tell you below, but this is the vibe for the restaurants around the main anchorage in Anegada.

Anegada Lobster Dinner BVI

Where to go for Lobster on Anegada?

This is not an exhaustive list, and I would love to hear if you have special places that should be added to my list. Most of these are my impressions and what I have heard from my charter guests when I used to run yacht charters.

Potters– Very popular. Can be very busy. They often have a DJ. I have had guests who loved this and others not so much. I was one of the “not so much” as I found it hot underneath the tight seating tent, they hurried me and were just a bit lacking. It was a very busy night though. I do think it is your best choice for the “party” atmosphere and you can often find music afterwards to dance and party with.

Potters at Anegada, British Virgin Islands
Potters at Anegada, British Virgin Islands

Wonky Dog. I have not been here for Lobster. They get high praise and they make some mean original cocktails at their Beach Bar.

Anegada Reef Hotel. This is the original. They have been doing it for decades. There is more room spread out on the sand for the tables and I don’t feel rushed. The sides are a bit uninspiring, truthfully at all these places, consisting of coleslaw, potato salad, and whatever else they put on this day but the ambiance cannot be beaten.

Anegada Beach Club. This is my favorite. It is a different vibe. It is clear across the island on a deserted part of the island and the beach at night goes on there forever. I find the food best, but it is not so much the party toes in the sand lobster experience. We brought a singer-songwriter with us once and had him play for us on the deserted beach after dinner one night. That might have added to the ambiance.

Levi Lowrey Singer Songwriter at Anegada Beach Club

They do have a pool here and you can spend time there before lounging with drinks. You order from a menu 🙂

Neptune’s Treasure This restaurant has better menus, with pizza and the like also being available for non-lobster lovers for a bit of a change of pace to the “mostly only lobster restaurants” I will try conch fritters every single place that I possibly can in the Virgin Islands!

Anegada Reef Hotel Lobster Dinner
Anegada, British Virgin Islands Lobster dinner At Anegada Reef Club

Anegada Lobster Dinner BVI

The Caribbean Lobster has a different taste than Maine Lobster and lacks claws. This truly is a dining experience unique to the British Virgin Islands, where the ambiance of the location combines with the food and location to create a memorable experience.

If you want to catch your own lobster or conch, check out our luxury add-on packages at Conch Mountain on Anegada, where this may happen. Then, you can enjoy it on the back of your boat.

A further tip is if you have lobster out at Anegada, there will surely be leftovers. You can return it to the yacht and ask your chef to make Lobster Bisque or Lobster Benedict the next day.

Anegada Lobster Dinner BVI
Lobster Traps on Anegada waiting for your dinner

Have I piqued your interest yet? Contact us. Let’s make it happen! Typically, we have an Anegada Lobster Festival at the end of November. 

Feel Free to try this at home:

How to make an Anegada Smoothie!

Anegada Smoothie (which is properly pronounced “Smoodie”)

Anegada Smoothie
The “Smoodie” mix:
10 parts guava juice (1 42-ounce can)
2 parts pineapple juice (1 8-ounce can)
1 part cream of coconut (1/3 can Coco Lopez)
Pre-mix the “smoodie” mix. Fill a cup with ice, then pour about 1/2 to 2/3 full of your favorite rum — preferably a dark rum. Fill with the smoodie mix, then grate fresh nutmeg over the top.