Virgin Gorda is one of the most infamous islands of the BVI’s. From the white sands and crystal-clear blue water to the exotic island and wonderful climate, this place is heaven on Earth. After all, the Caribbean is famous for its natural beauty and relaxing atmosphere. There are so many places here that you can visit or try new restaurants or even explore your own boats or private Virgin Gorda yacht charter. Virgin Gorda offers more than just an experience and you can count on this place for your next vacation. Here are the top 12 things to do in Virgin Gorda:

1. The Infamous Virgin Gorda Baths

The Baths are one of the world’s top 10 most photographed places. You can reach the baths by safari taxi and then a hike.  But the best way to get to the baths is by private boat. Reaching here, you will also experience different caves and rock paths, and you will realize that this place is a natural wonder.  Make sure to stop for a picture in the “cathedral” room.  When the light hits off the boulders and water in this natural rock room, it’s reminiscent of stained glass. And it’s definitely the top of the list of things to do in Virgin Gorda.

Virgin Gorda Baths Cathedral

2. Copper Mine of Virgin Gorda Island

On the southeast end of Virgin Gorda is the copper mine , which takes us back to the 1800s when this place made the finest jewelry and exported it to countries around the world.

Virgin Gorda Copper Mine

3. Oil Nut Bay Marina and Restaurant

A place where you can dine and sip the day away! Also, you can stay overnight at this gorgeous marina. Or dine in the delectable Nova restaurant. 

Nova Restaurant Virgin Gorda

4. Picnic on Virgin Gorda Island

You can enjoy a full family day or spend a romantic afternoon with your loved one by having a picnic. Destinations like Prickly Pear Island just off the coast Virgin Gorda. Or the Poor Man Bar near the Baths are both great spots.

5. Kite Surfing on Eustacia Island

Eustacia is another island near Virgin Gorda famous for its kite surfing. Visitors to Virgin Gorda often book a yacht charter or luxury catamaran to enjoy this adventurous experience.

Kitesurfing Eustatia Island Virgin Gorda

6. Spend Some Time at Savannah Bay

Spend some time snorkeling at Savannah Bay and relaxing at the beach. Have a walk on the long beach while your children will have fun making sandcastles.

7. The Kodiak Queen

Just 57 feet off the coast of Virgin Gorda. The Kodiak Queen is a former Navy fuel barge. It survived the attack on Pearl Harbor. In March 2017, it become an underwater art installation and new dive site in the British Virgin Islands.

This place is filled with fun because of the amazing scuba diving adventure you will have here. Please be sure to look at our scuba yachts if you are looking for a scuba vacation. If you are a scuba enthusiast, you will love the aquatic life around the Kodiak Queen.

8. See the Sunset Over Seal Dog Island

After spending fun and adventurous day at the Kodiak queen don’t forget to see the beautiful sunset over seal dog island. Truly, one of the best places to catch a Virgin Gorda sunset.

9. Taste the BBQ of Hog Heaven

This place provides the best crunchy chicken, potato salad and ginger ribs. The taste is perfect and you can also enjoy the outdoor bar and deck. Absolutely stunning view looking at the ocean and other islands around.

Hog Heavn Restaurant Virgin Gorda

With an Asian twist and Spanish flavors, this is one of the best restaurants on the island. At Coco Maya, you can enjoy perfect sitting and the natural beauty.

Coco Maya, Virgin Gorda.  

It is one of the most beautiful small beaches with a wonderful view and this is a must place for an Instagram selfie. Be sure to tag #H2OLuxuryYachts.  We’d love to see your pictures! Here at the Devil’s Bay of Virgin Gorda, you can enjoy a long, pleasant walk as this place does not have a huge crowd.

Devils Bay Things to Do In Virgin Gorda

Booking a Virgin Gorda Yacht Charter or Catamaran

Again the very best way to explore Virgin Gorda and it’s surrounding islands is by private boat charter. And H2O Luxury Yacht charters can really help you out here as they are the most reputable company providing the most luxurious experience of yacht chartering.

Virgin Gorda Yacht Charter
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