How great does it sound to visit a floating restaurant, bar or spa on your next vacation? Anytime of the year, planning a vacation is a natural thing to get out of the daily routine. But winters are always hard and can get depressing especially when you cannot get out of the house due to snow. Of course, this is the best time to get ready for a tropical vacation in the Virgin Islands. The Virgin Islands is for all those who need the sun and relaxation time on the beaches.

Apart from the tropical islands, white sand, and turquoise water, there are many restaurants, bars, and even a spa that you can experience in right on the water. Yes! You heard it right! Floating on the Caribbean. Not many people are aware of them as you must book a yacht or boat to reach them. So, here are some hidden treasures in the sea of the Virgin Islands to get you dreaming about your next Caribbean vacation.

Lime Out Floating Taco Bar St John

Lime Out is a small floating restaurant and bar off the coast of Hansen Bay on the East of St John. With beautiful surroundings, you can enjoy fresh tacos and unique cocktails here. Dangle your feet in the water while sitting at the bar sipping a rum drink. The place offers many adventures for those who come looking for it. Obviously it’s on the water and the best way to get there is on a boat or a yacht. You can rent a kayak from the beach but they can get costly as they rent them per hour. So, of course the best way to enjoy a relaxing day at Lime Out is by private boat. 

Lime Out Floating Taco Bar St John

Willy T Pirate Boat Floating Restaurant and Bar

Near Bright Normal Island, you will find the Willy T Pirate Boat. It’s the 3rd Willy T.  The last was sadly destroyed during the hurricanes Irma and Maria in 2017.  It was sunk at Cay Bay Tortola and is now a favorite dive spot. But the new Willy T is perfect for a delicious lunch. It’s a floating restaurant and bar. Bring your boat alongside and climb aboard. Their menu contains wines, desserts, appetizers, salads, and unique entrees, which you cannot ignore. To be noted, the fish and chips are delicious! Also, don’t forget to climb up to the second deck, where you can leap off the back into the crystal blue Caribbean waters.

Willy T Floating Restaurant

Ocean Spa BVI Floating Spa

How can you miss out on this peaceful place in the Virgin Islands? Ocean Spa BVI is located on the White Bay off the coast of Jost Van Dyke in the British Virgin Islands. Their goal is to provide a perfect environment for their customers. Of course, the name already describes the spa on the sea, where people can come on their yachts and boats and enjoy the services. Also, they use natural oils and herbs to relax your body and make you feel lively again. While getting a great massage, you’ll peer through a window on the floor as the sea life swims by. You will feel like heaven with their premium services and the sea breeze.

Ocean Spa BVI

Pizza Pi St Thomas Floating Restaurant

Craving some pizza on the sea? Then don’t worry, as this place has got you covered. The most awarded restaurant in the Caribbean in St Thomas is the Pizza Pi Boat, where you get fresh New York-style pizza. So, pull your boat alongside this floating restaurant to order or call ahead.  Or moor your boat at one of the free mooring balls in Christmas Cove, and they will deliver your pizza by dinghy. The delicious pizza and fresh drinks on the sea are the reason why travelers of the Virgin Islands hire a yacht to find them.

Pizza Pi Floating Restaurant St Thomas

Where Can You Get a Yacht to Explore These Places?

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