St Thomas Vacation All Inclusive Yacht is a perfect idea for families, couples, or singles. Everyone can see all the activities, and view many islands, but still have their own space to get away when they want to be alone.

Experience the trade winds blowing through your hair while your yacht and crew squire you to all the picture-perfect locations that you have only heard of in the Virgin Islands. Not only will they take you to fabulous anchorages, but also the cocktails will magically appear in your hand and dinner on the table!

How does an All-Inclusive Yacht work?

Yacht Vacations are easy as can be!

Just like any high-end all-inclusive resort, it includes all your meals, beverages, ship’s bar (including wine), Snacks, Desserts, Water Toys, Captain and Chef.

If you have never done a yacht vacation before, then consider a charter catamaran. These types of yachts have expansive deck space and stability, along with the room to spread out.

Enjoy your breakfast served out on the water before moving on to Buck Island snorkeling with the Turtles in the morning. No need to find an expensive taxi ride or coordinate schedules; everything is on your timeline.

Snorkeling at Buck Island on your Virgin Island All Inclusive Vacation
Snorkeling at Buck Island on your Virgin Island All Inclusive Vacation

How many islands are in the US Virgin Islands?

  • St Croix
  • Saint Thomas
  • St John
  • Water Island
  • Plus, about fifty smaller cays and islands that, if inhabited, are very lightly inhabited. It is impossible to visit all the islands in one week! There is always a calm anchorage when you are on a yacht in the Virgin Islands.

Are yachts suitable for family trips?

Definitely! Take Multi Generations. Everyone goes to a land resort, and the entire group tends to meet up at dinner or around the pool. On a crewed yacht charter, the grandparents can be right in the middle of the action watching their grandchildren participate in all the activities.

The parents can chill in the cockpit with a glass of wine and book while the crew is wearing the children out on a tube, pulling them around a perfect bay.

Meals flow quickly and effortlessly out of the galley based on the group’s preferences. At the time, you want the meals served!

Virgin Islands All Inclusive Vacation Yacht- Definitely dinner with a view!
Virgin Islands All Inclusive Vacation Yacht- Definitely dinner with a view!

Check out our Top 8 Things to do while on your St Thomas Vacation All- Inclusive Yacht

  1. Buck Island to snorkel and swim with the turtles. Located only half an hour or so sail from Charlotte Amalie harbor, you are just about guaranteed to see turtles here. Turtle Cove is on the Northwest corner. Buck Island is a National Wildlife Refuge with plenty of seabirds for you to see. Shipwreck Cove has the remains of an over hundred-foot long freighter Cartanza in 45′ of water.
  2. Christmas Cove is right off Great St James Island. Christmas Cove is home to the famous PIZZA PI boat and often a first night stop on your crewed yacht charter. You are just about guaranteed to spot Turtles and Sting Rays here.
  3. St John, USVI Cruz Bay, is a delight to visit. For me, it epitomizes a slower way of life, with trendy stores to shop in and many restaurants and beach bars to hang out. Don’t forget to stop for your fresh fruit juices in town.
  4. Francis Bay, St John. This stretch of the St John coastline has half a dozen wide beaches that are all part of the Virgin Islands National Park. If the glorious beaches and snorkel spots are not enough for you, then go ashore and do some hiking. My favorite part is watching from the yacht when the land tourists leave for the day to see if I can spot a donkey or a mongoose chilling on the beach!
  5. Waterlemon Bay, St John Take a hike up to the Annaberg Sugar Plantation or the old School House. The views are inspiring. Snorkel around the cay itself. This anchorage has many starfish for you to see.
  6. Lovango Cay. This cay located in the channel usually features a few snowbirds who come to their house here every winter. Recently 49 acres of the island have been sold, and a new eco-friendly beach resort is going in.  Stop in and anchor here for the night and hit up the restaurant in its stunning location.
  7. Magens Bay. With Magen’s Bay being on the north side of St Thomas, it is a bit of a hike around this side for the charter yachts if the weather is not great. You may be rewarded by being the only boat in the anchorage.  The north side of St Thomas incredible for gunkholing when conditions are right. You have the feeling here that you are in the middle of nowhere, exploring spots that others barely go.
  8. Water Island Located in the West Gregory Channel is the perfect weekend hang out spot. Not only do you have a beautiful large beach, but also Dinghy’s Bar often features live music in the afternoon. If that does not float your boat, how about renting a jet ski here or doing some parasailing?

Hot off the presses today! If you want to stay in the US Virgin Islands, here are my top eight things to do

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Tell me about perfect All-Inclusive Yachts

Let’s start with those who like the newest and brightest yachts! SCUBA DOO won’t be available until after November 1st, 2020, but is going to be a beautiful brand new 2021 50′ Lagoon Catamaran that is best for six guests.

The prices I am giving you here are for fully crewed and inclusive with all meals, standard ship’s bar, snacks, beverages, crew, yacht, and toys for seven nights.

Crew Gratuity is always additional, Industry Standard at 15-20% adjusting up or down depending on the service you feel that you have received.

Decadent Dessert
Please the eyes and stomach!

Generally inclusive on your crewed yacht charter

  1. All meals, cooked to your preference sheet filled out in advance
  2. Your beverages, wine and ship’s standard bar
  3. Captain and Cook to take care of you
  4. Your Chosen Yacht
  5. All water toys on board
  6. A tender/dinghy to get back and forth to shore and pull water toys with
  7. All the running expenses of the yacht, fuel, ice, garbage disposal, cruising permits
  8. Sometimes SCUBA diving depending on the yacht
Virgin Islands Power Catamarans
St Thomas Vacation All Inclusive Yacht- Relax and enjoy the world going by

Generally Exclusive on your crewed yacht charter

  1. Crew Gratuity, industry-standard at 15-20% adjusted up or down according to the service you feel that you received
  2. Your flights, and taxi’s getting to and from your yacht
  3. Communications on your Cell phone, most of the boats will have wi-fi that is good for email and social media
  4. Anything you chose to eat or drink onshore
  5. Dockage that you request during the week. Anchoring out in the breeze is the best part anyway!
SCUBA DOO Lagoon 50 Sailing Catamaran
SCUBA DOO Lagoon 50 Sailing Catamaran


SCUBA DOO- 2021 Lagoon Catamaran. BONUS:  includes three dives for SCUBA fans who are certified. Rates are from $25,000 and up depending on the number of guests.

Jesse and Christian are a dream team with Jesse’s Divemaster, Sailing and Mechanical Skills, and Christians Culinary Skills! They are very much looking forward to providing crewed luxury charters in the U.S., British, and the Spanish Virgin Islands.


Karma Sailing Catamaran. This 2020 Lagoon 50′ Catamaran was one of my favorite yachts at this year’s boat show! I have not had much chance to blog about it yet, and there calendar filled up pretty quickly for this season after the yacht show.

Rates from $25,000

Karma sailing catamaran  

How do I get more information on this type of all-inclusive vacation?

Easy! Call us, Email us or Fill out our quote request form