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Yacht Chefs on Social Media is a great way to get an idea of the cuisine available out at sea.

There is nothing quite like Meals, Menus, Table Settings, and Beverage pictures to give you an idea. What the yacht offers in this regard is an essential factor for your yacht vacation.

We have found that yacht chefs are always out to outdo the next chef. The competition sets a high standard on ALL our yachts.

Yacht Chefs on Social Media Lisa Mead
Yacht Chefs on Social Media Lisa Mead

Yacht Chefs on Social Media

Today I wanted to start to share with you some of the Chefs that consistently post images of their meals on the yachts and more.

Give these people a follow; they are often unseen as they are busy turning out 7-course meals in the Super Yacht Galley on board from early to late.

Many of our yacht chefs on Social Media have found a way to go onto new horizons with creative thinking, preparing for life after the yachting industry.

Cookbooks, Youtube Channels, Private Chefs to the stars, Virtual Cooking Classes, Houseware, TV Shows and clothes branding, are some ideas. I just found a chef couple who is starting a “full crewed and inclusive” in their very cute English Thatched Roof Cottage!


Meet Yacht Chef Lisa Mead


Facebook Page

Instagram Account

Lisa is a dynamo! One of the most prominent Yacht Chefs on Social Media. Not only has she cooked on yachts from one end of the earth to the next, even cooking for royalty, but she is a talented painter drawing on her Australian roots who has turned her paintings into a complete houseware and clothing line.


Yacht Chefs on Social Media
Fine Dining Made Easy Lisa Mead

Put that on top of a new cooking book, “Fine Dining Made Easy,” just coming out and a long-running TV show called Galley Gourmet in the British Virgin Islands. She also still finds time to be the chef on the superb 62′ catamaran Sail Away, and you have a winning combination!

Yacht Chefs on Social Media Lisa Mead
Yacht Chefs on Social Media Lisa Mead

Lisa splits her time between Brisbane in Australia and the British Virgin Islands

Meet Yacht Chef Corinne Gregory Sharpe


Instagram Account

Facebook Page

Corinne is another Yacht Chef that I admire. I started watching her on Instagram, loving her pictures using the PNW seafood and produce that is available.

She has cooked on every type of vessel around the world. Based in Washington, she is now also working on producing a TV show, targeted for streaming media, about the lifestyle of “food afloat,” including sourcing and procuring local products and the destinations she travels too.

Yacht Chefs on Social Media Corinne Gregory
Shipboard Chef Corinne Gregory

“I travel around the globe, cooking on some of the most luxurious — and not-so-luxurious — boats, yachts, and other vessels you’ll ever imagine. And under circumstances, you’d never expect.”

Meet Yacht Chef Jamie Tully


Instagram Account

Facebook Page

Jamie is a young British chef, working for the rich and famous ashore and on Super Yachts. Including cooking for about 46 on an expedition yacht. I happily found his Instagram page and have followed it for a while. If the milk chocolate mousse he makes could jump out of a picture and make its way into my hands (and mouth), I would be thrilled!

Yacht Chefs on Social Media Chef Jamie Tully
Milk Chocolate Mousse!

My food is simple, full of flavor, and treated with the most respect for the ingredients and produce I have. The art and science behind cooking have kept me curious and fascinated from a very young age. I take pride in working with finesse, precision, and using my ingredients to their full potential.”

Definitely a Yacht Chefs on Social Media to watch!

Meet Yacht Chef Hannah of Mucho Gusto


Yacht Chefs on Social Media Chef Hannah of Mucho Gusto
Chef Hannah of Mucho Gusto

Instagram Account

Facebook Page

You are going to have to follow Chef Hannah through the yachts Facebook and IG pages! Not only does she put out incredible pictures of food, but she has also created menus and videos to go along with it.

Hannah hails from Southern Africa with a degree in Patisserie and Cuisine. She loves being in the galley and perfects impressive dishes on their six-passenger power catamaran, Mucho Gusto, that is currently chartering in The Bahamas.


Meet Yacht Chef Dean Harrison


Instagram Account

Dean Harrison is an Australian who is currently the head chef on Super Yacht Arience. I came to his cooking through Jared Whitney’s wonderful videos that give us an inside view of the life of a superyacht. ( No, we are not talking the always fake Below Deck)

Yacht Chefs on Social Media Chef Dean Harrison
King Crab YUMMY!

Not only do you get plenty of pictures of beautiful food, but also pictures of the places he goes as he is a keen videographer.

Meet Yacht Chef Corey Lambert

Instagram Account

One of the best Social Media accounts around is the Super Yacht Loon.

Motor Yacht Loon In The Bahamas- All pictures by Loon
Visit The Bahamas on Motor Yacht Loon. Pic from their IG account

Here I give you chef Cory Lambert to follow from Yacht Loon. You can find many of his pictures on Loon’s IG page as well as his own. Cory has been named one of the top 100 chefs in the Southeastern United States. Give him a follow and see the delights he comes up with!

Yacht Chefs on Social Media Chef Corey Lambert of Motor Yacht Loon
From Chef Corey Lambert

“Without family food and travel what’s it all worth?”

Are you interested in finding out more? Maybe becoming a Super Yacht Chef yourself? Or just getting recipes? Shout out to the SuperYacht Chef which you can follow here for many inspirations and ideas.

I hope you enjoyed Part 1 of our Yacht Chefs on Social Media. In part Two I have six more chefs for you to meet and follow their food journey. All pictures are attributed to the Chef’s themselves or their media channels.

Want to check out some of the yachts that can serve these creations? Here you go! For Arience and Motor Yacht Loon please ask me for their chartering details.

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