Inclusive Yacht Charter Options. Interested in finding out whether our yacht charters can cater to your food wants and desires during your Caribbean Vacation? Read on! ALL the chefs on the yachts we offer are superb. It is no longer the yacht chartering of the early days where you could slap a hamburger on the grill, or make an egg salad sandwich and call it charter food. Nowadays, you are going to find meals that rival ANY fine dining establishment or more.

What types of dietary choices are available on Yachts?

Gluten-Free, Vegan, Vegetarian, Pescetarian, Local, Meat and Potatoes, Keto, Allergy-Free, and Soft Kosher menus are all available. Within reason, depending on the size and price point of the yacht. Generally, even the smallest yachts we have can accommodate special diets easily by substituting a piece of chicken for seafood for non-seafood eaters.

Lobster meal

One thing to bear in mind, the chefs will prepare your week’s menu taking everyone’s preferences into account keeping everyone with the same meals when possible. It is not possible to make ten separate meals at mealtimes though. We do have many yachts that are “foodie” yachts with top chefs from around the world if you want to take your dining experience onboard to be the very best you can imagine!

Inclusive Yacht Charter Options
Luncheon on Muse Catamaran

Fully Crewed and Inclusive Yacht Charter

All meals, snacks, beverages, desserts, bars, and beverages are included in one price. There is no need to take any of your meals off the boat unless you fancy a meal off. One type of dinner I suggest to clients is to take in the experience of a lobster dinner on the beach in Anegada. Cooked in the open over BBQ, you have your toes in the sand with the beautiful moon in front of you. If you are lucky, you will even have music to dance to afterward! Here is a link to take a look at the preference sheets that we ask you to fill out for dining. The chef will take this information and come up with a tailored menu in advance that you can approve.

Anegada Reef Hotel Lobster Dinner
Anegada, British Virgin Islands Lobster dinner

Local Meal Plan Yacht Charter

Under this meal plan, it Includes 7 breakfasts, 5 lunches & 6 dinners. This requires 2 lunches and 1 dinner ashore at your expense. This option gives you allows you to experience the local food and culture for a few meals, but take the majority of your meals on the yacht. Hanging at a beach bar such as Soggy Dollar on Jost Van Dyke playing? Feels like too much effort to go back to the boat when you have had a few painkiller drinks? This is where you try local conch fritters or that hamburger! Then after lunch, you can sink back into the sand and watch the world go by for the rest of the afternoon.

Conch Fritters H2O Luxury Yachts
Conch Fritters

Half-Board Yacht Charter Option

Under the Half-Board option, 7 breakfasts, 4 lunches & 3 dinners are included. And 3 lunches & 4 dinners are taken ashore at your expense. This is definitely for those who want to spend a fair bit of time dining out. Be careful with this option. The price is negligibly different from a fully crewed and inclusive charter price. For example, you will generally save $150 per person this way. Having your meals off WILL cost more than that in most locations. You also have to consider that most of your stops will be at busier anchorages that have restaurants. This is not so good if you think you are doing from deserted bay to deserted bay.

I have seen that many guests after having a couple of meals out wish they would have booked the fully crewed option. If you are constantly leaving the boat once a day for a meal, you have to get dressed, round everyone up, get there, wait for the menu, wait much longer for your drinks then on the yacht and then pay the bill at the end.

What is included in All-Inclusive Yacht Charter Options?

Yacht Charters typically run on a seven-night price. The charters start anytime from 12:00 Noon and on, and finish at Noon on the last day.

  • Rate changes depending on the number of guests on the yacht
  • Includes your menu, beverage and bar preferences (
  • The Yacht, furnishings, crew, fuel, water sports equipment on the yacht (except for perhaps SCUBA depending on the yacht you have chosen)
  • Your crew provide all services
Cuba Night on Axioma Motor Yacht. Inclusive Yacht Charter Options
Cuba Night on Axioma Yacht Hop Night

What is NOT included in All-Inclusive Yacht Charter Options?

  • Crew Gratuity. Industry-standard 15-20% adjusted up or down as to how you feel the service you received was
  • Any upgraded wine and spirits that are not part of the yachts standard beverage menu
  • Dockage that you request during the week. The beauty of the islands is in the anchorages under the stars
  • Anything you choose to eat or drink onshore
  • Getting to and from the yacht. Planes, Ferries and Taxi’s

Check out our FAQ on Yacht Rental Charter Types Check out our the Cuisine and Beverage Section on our FAQ More information on Fully Crewed And Inclusive Yacht Charters

Decadent Dessert
Our Chefs’ cuisines please the eyes and stomach!