Swimming Pigs Charter Itinerary Bahamas. We have been busy putting together an itinerary for a client taking a short yacht charter from Staniel Cay up to Harbour Island. And I thought that it would be a good idea to share it for others who may be interested in picking up the highlights of the Bahamas in just a few short days.

Our short charter is an action-packed itinerary for those who want to go, go, go, and is slowed down however much you would like.

Pick up Yacht at Staniel Cay

Day 1: Fly directly into Staniel Cay, and your yacht will be waiting for you at Sampson Cay. Your yacht crew will pick you up at Staniel Cay Marina in their large tender. Then, they will take you to the yacht, get you settled in, and you can enjoy lunch. After lunch, depart on the tender, enjoy Thunder Bolt Grotto, and visit the Famous Swimming Pigs.  The pigs are located right there!  For obvious reasons, they live on an uninhabited Cay called Big Major, or Pig Beach.

How did the Swimming Pigs Get There?

Many rumors exist about how the Swimming Pigs got here:

  1. Pirates dropped the swimming pigs off so they would have something to eat when they came back but never made it back.
  2. The pigs swam from a nearby island.
  3. Swimming Pigs were shipwreck survivors and made their way onshore afterward.
  4. A business scheme to attract tourists to the Bahamas
  5. In the 1990s, the residents of Staniel Cay put them there to raise for food.

  Try your hand at the jet Skis late afternoon after visiting the pigs and Thunderball Grotto.

Overnight at Staniel Cay

Day 2: While you head out on your yachts, high-speed tender swimming with the Nurse Sharks at Compass Cay Marina and the Sea Aquarium. While you are busy doing that, The Captain is moving the big boat up to Osprey Cay, where you will meet up with it for lunch. The yacht will cruise up to Hawksbill Cay while you are having lunch. Spend some time that afternoon heading on the jet skis to the sandbars.

Swimming Pigs Charter Bahamas Itinerary Nurse Sharks at Compass Cay
Nurse Sharks at Compass Cay

Overnight at Hawksbill Cay

Day 3: While you enjoy getting out again on the fast tender and visiting Shroud Cay and the Sea Plane at Norman’s Cay, the yacht will be moving from Hawksbill Cay to Normans Cay. When you return for lunch, the yacht will be cruising with you during lunch to Highborne Cay. After lunch, take another trip on the tender to see Highbourne Cay Marina and the Iguanas at Allens Cay. The yacht will be cruising up to Channel Cay, where you can do some late afternoon snorkeling or try out the jet skis again.

Swimming Pigs Bahamas Charter Itinerary Iguanas at Allen Cay H2O Luxury yachts
Iguanas at Allen Cay Bahamas

Overnight at Channel Island

Day 4: The next day on this very short charter, the yacht will make some miles traveling for 4-5 hours to drop you off at Nassau, or perhaps you want the boat to drop you off at Harbour Island.  They are happy to drop you off directly at Romora Bay Marina. And you can spend a few days there with the pink sands, golf carts, restaurants, and shops!

Harbour Island Signpost Bahamas
Bahamas Sign Post

Drop off at Nassau or Harbour Island

As you can see, this is a short charter itinerary when you only have a few days but want to hit the highlights for a swimming pig charter itinerary Bahamas. The longer you have to spend, the more relaxing the charter will be. 

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