Caribbean sailing charter season is officially open! Of course you can sail the Caribbean year round but many avoid it during the peak hurricane months on August, September and October.

Looking for a Caribbean sailing adventure? Well, you have certainly come to the right place. We are here to help you plan the ultimate sailing vacation. And the most recommended way to enjoy sailing is to charter a private catamaran or monohull.  A Caribbean sailing charter will allow you to explore the islands of the Caribbean at your leisure. We have charters available from any Caribbean island but this article will focus primarily on the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico.

Caribbean Sailing Charter Boat

Sailing the United States and British Virgin Islands

The USVI consists of 4 large islands: St Croix, St ThomasSt John and Water Island. In addition, there are 50 smaller islets and cays.The real beauty of these places is far from the coastal areas so you need a yacht for your wonderful experience. The British Virgin Islands are just to the east of the US Virgin Islands. The British Virgin Islands consist of the main islands of TortolaVirgin Gorda, Anegada, and Jost Van Dyke.  It also has about 50 other smaller islands and cays.

So what better way to explore as many of the islands as possible is by a private yacht charter.  Many choose a sailing catamaran or monohull to sail between the islands. Note: you will need a passport if you are going between the US and British Virgin Islands.

Top Spots to Visit in the Virgin Islands

Both U.S and British Virgin Islands have different destinations that are a must-try for everyone. We have taken the time to do the research to point out a few must see spots!

British Virgin Islands or More Commonly BVI
  1. The Baths National Park of Virgin Gorda is the part of BVI’s where you will find crystal clear turquoise water and gigantic granite stones.
  2. Gorda Peak National Park where all the amazing aquatic activities take place. Here you will find orchids and wildlife like bats, soldier crabs, lizards, and tree frogs.
  3. North sound of the BVI’s is a small spot however have a huge crowd because of different activities like parasailing, jet skiing, sailing, windsurfing, and diving, etc.
Sailing Catamaran Virgin Islands
United States Virgin Islands or More Commonly USVI
  1. Virgin Islands national park St. John is the major attraction of VSVI’s because it attracts more than a million tourists in a year. Amazing walking tracks, wildlife and aquatic activates awaits you here.
  2. St John Trunk Bay beach is known for its best photography. Due to the breathtaking beauty all around, you cannot forget to have a picture here.
  3. Magen’s Bay is one of the most promising islands where you can relax and enjoy a sunbath and get the tan of summer.

Top Scuba Diving Spots in the Virgin Islands

  1. Chikuzen is a remote location 12 miles from north of the Virgin Gorda where you can enjoy the most adventurous and thrilling scuba diving.
  2. Wreck Alley dive will let you explore the wrecked ship and if you are lucky you can spot a large green eel.
  3. Alice in wonderland is for the intermediate divers and definitely a heaven for the eyes.
  1. The wall at St. Croix is 5000 feet deep and here you can dive at both east and west. Explore the new species and enjoy the aquatic beauty.
  2. Eagle shoals of St. John’s is between the tunnels and caves and commonly knows as the school of black dungeons.
  3. Carvel rock of St. John is an interesting dive site as here you will find an abundance of marine life to see.
monohull caribbean yacht charter

Sailing the Puerto Rico Islands

Puerto Rico is the home of natural beauty, wide shores, and beautiful marine life. Here you will find the best spots for sailing:

  1. El Yunque National Forest is a lush island with natural beauty and waterfalls and a tropical forest where you can freely wander to explore.
  2. Culebra Island is seven miles long and three miles wide with white sand and turquoise water, the best in the entire Caribbean.
  3. Vieques has become a popular destination in the Caribbean because of lush hotels, restaurants, shopping areas and much more.

Scuba Diving Spots of Puerto Rico

  1. La Parguera also was known by another name of glow in the dark water is famous for scuba diving. It connects almost 50 different scuba diving spots.
  2. Humacao has 24 diving sites and here you can do scuba diving with dolphins in springtime.
  3. Mona Island is not that easy to reach. It’s best if you charter a yacht to easily reach there. It is the best and most relaxed place for scuba diving.
  4. Culebra is Puerto Rico’s main island and famous for its top aquatic activities. And for a quick adrenaline kick, one should try their scuba diving.

Caribbean Sailing Charters We Offer

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