Leverick Bay Virgin Gorda

Top Ten Reasons to visit Leverick Bay Virgin Gorda on your Yacht Charter

Leverick Bay Virgin Gorda Marina
Leverick Bay Virgin Gorda Marina

1) Michael “Beans” Gardner Happy AAARRR Show

Michael Beans Pirate AAARRRR Show. Bean’s show is a fun cocktail hour show for everyone! The last “Jolly Mon” singing for his supper in the Caribbean! Family-friendly or not and fun for the entire group. His unique combination of sea shanties, rum shots, dancing, history, pirate lore, and conch blowing contests is a DON’T MISS! “Beans” has a stage set up, and there is a beautiful table section with full service directly located on the sandy beach.
Michael "Beans" Gardner Pirate AAARRR Show
Michael “Beans” Gardner Pirate AAARRR Show

2) Cab Across from the Baths to Leverick Bay with stunning views

Visit the Baths on Virgin Gorda, and while your charter yacht crew takes the yacht up to Leverick Bay Resort, you jump in a cab for a fabulous trip across the top of Virgin Gorda with, the best views of both the Caribbean Sea and Atlantic Sea. The views of North Sound coming down to Leverick Bay Resort and Marina are picture takers’ delight. When you get to Leverick Bay, jump in the swimming pool for a refreshing dip, and enjoy an umbrella drink. Head over to Michael Beans Pirate Show.
Things To Do Virgin Gorda- Visit the Baths
Things To Do Virgin Gorda- Visit the Baths

3) Hit “The Restaurant at Leverick Bay” for a great steak

Hit “The restaurant” upstairs at Leverick Bay and enjoy what I consider some of the best steaks in the Virgin Islands.
Leverick Bay Virgin Gorda, Moko Jumbies perform
Leverick Bay Virgin Gorda, Moko Jumbies perform- borrowed picture Leverick Bay

4) Beach BBQ and Moko Jumbies

Every Friday Night (in season), enjoy the Beach BBQ, and the famous Moko Jumbies & Profile Hard Core Band. Leverick Bay’s Beach BBQ features roast pig, fish, chicken, and West Indian style ribs among salads, sides, and delicious desserts! The Moko Jumbies is a must thing to do when you are in Virgin Gorda! Boaters and locals, families, and friends all submerged in the spicy scent of BBQ in the air, live music, Caribbean breeze, shimmering stars, and colorful costumed Moko Jumbies dancing high above the crowd while balancing on their impressively tall stilts.
Leverick Bay Virgin Gorda view from the swimming pool
Leverick Bay Virgin Gorda view from the swimming pool

5) Visit and snorkel Prickly Pear and Moskito Anchorage

Comfortable anchorage to take the tender over to Sir Richard Branson’s Eco Resort Moskito Island and snorkel off the reef or Prickly Pear Island and visit the beach at the Sandbox. You can find a beach bar, volleyball nets, and more water toys. The island is named after the flowering cactus.

6) Enjoy the Spa at Leverick Bay Resort

Visit the Spa at Leverick Bay for Massage, Yoga, and Aesthetics. Leverick Bay is full of things to do if you are looking for a day mid-week to hang out.
Private Yacht Spa
Leverick Bay Virgin Gorda visit the spa

7) Take a water sports SNUBA expedition

The only SNUBA location in the Virgin Islands is located here, taking those who are not qualified to SCUBA dive on a leisurely, fun, water experience.
BVI SNUBA Leverick Bay Virgin Gorda
Leverick Bay Virgin Gorda Try your hand at SNUBA- Pic borrowed Leverick

8) Sail Out to Anegada from Leverick Bay Virgin Gorda

Leverick Bay is a great jumping-off spot for your trip out to Anegada after a night of fun. 2-3 hours sail in the morning will have you pulling up to Anegada’s beaches by lunchtime! Don’t forget to troll your fishing poles and see if you can catch some tuna! Sitting on the front of the boat, watching the coral heads go by you in the crystal clear water, is soothing to the soul.
Sailing and watching the clouds go by
Sailing from Leverick Bay Resort to Anegada

9) Go Shopping for souvenirs or provisions at Leverick Bay Virgin Gorda

If you are bareboating or on a crewed yacht, you can enjoy shopping, a well-stocked grocery store, laundry, and fill up on water and ice. Not to mention getting a pizza or a casual bite to eat at the pool bar.

10) Take a Tender Trip through North Sound

Larger tenders can take a wonderful tour around North Sound. Bitter End, Saba Rock, Biras Creek, and Gun Creek are all within easy reach to explore. Saba Rock is well on its way to rebuilding after the hurricanes, and we look forward to seeing it open in the next season.
Visit Saba Rock Virgin Gorda
Saba Rock Virgin Gorda Coming back better than ever!

Take a look at the Things to Do Page on Leverick Bay’s site for more information. Check out our Top Twelve Things to do on Virgin Gorda Additional Activities on Beautiful Virgin Gorda Virgin Gorda Luxury Yacht Charters SCUBA dive the SHARKPLANEO Reef Art project off of Great Dog We look forward to welcoming you to the British Virgin Islands!

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Manna Crewed Sailing Catamaran Vacation
Wayne and Emily ( Manna Catamaran) with their Charter Guests at Leverick Bay

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