Spanish Virgin Islands Cruising and Yachting

Dreaming of sailing through the relatively unknown Spanish Virgin Islands?

Spanish Virgin Islands Cruising- Flag
Spanish Virgin Islands Cruising- Flag

Now it is easier than ever!

We have 40 yachts with a Captain or who offer fully crewed and inclusive vacations. These yachts recently received permission to either do yacht charters from St Thomas to Puerto Rico or vice versa!

I personally suggest a one way charter from St Thomas in the US Virgin Islands to Puerto Del Ray Marina at Fajardo on Puerto Rico.

My personal USVI to Puerto Rico Itinerary looks like this:

Day 1: Pick up your yacht in Charlotte Amalie. After settling in, set sail toward Sail Rock which reaches above the water around a 100′ and below the water, those pinnacles are about the same amount.

You will know if it is Sail Rock as there is nothing around it AND it looks like a sail from after.

Basically, a bird reserve now, with not much on it, although a wonderful lush underground paradise for snorkeling and SCUBA diving. It CAN have a strong current.

Located approximately 10 NM from St Thomas and Culebrita, so half-way.

This is a wonderful downwind sail that will have you rethinking your life and wondering how you can get away to sea to live!


Spend the night in Culebrita, which may be only 1 mile in length but has 6 beaches!

Seeing the white sand come into sight as you pick your way through the coral reefs as you become closer is always an awe-inspiring moment!

Day 2- Go on! Explore the beaches. Float in the sea baths on the east end of the island. Go snorkeling looking for Sea Turtles on the North Beach. Take a walk up to the old lighthouse. Sit and float with a drink in hand.

Perhaps then make a short hop over to Culebra up into Ensenada Honda for a calm overnight anchorage.


Culebra is actually its own archipelago with many small islands belonging to it such as Culebrita!

Overview of Culebra, Spanish Virgin Islands Drone Shot
Imagine yourself snorkeling through the beautiful waters of Culebra

Day 3- Christopher Columbus stopped at this island in 1493. I suggest you spend a day and night there taking in the laid back atmosphere that emotes from the culture on island.

The water around this island is spectacularly clear which comes from having little runoff from land on Culebra. Maybe you make your way around to Bahía de Almodovar Beach/ Anchorage for the evening.

Make sure you head to Flamenco Beach and explore the old tanks left over from the US Navy. The small town of Dewey on island is truly known as the town that time left behind.

Day 4- Play around here or move on? If you plan on moving on to Vieques then it will be a 10-12 mile wonderful sail to the East End of Vieques.

Top-Notch Anchorages of the Spanish Virgin Islands

Here you can find two of the best anchorages around. Bahía Icacos on the north coast and Bahía Salina del Sur on the south coast.

There is a National Wildlife Refuge on Vieques which stands in stark contrast to the US Navy using Vieques as a firing range for so long.

Day 5- Vieques. Perhaps check out Bioluminescent Bay. Take your tender to the dinghy dock at the town of Esperanza if you need a LITTLE action. And I do mean little.

Day 6- After a last morning or morning and lunch exploring around Vieques it is probably time to start thinking about getting around Fajardo on Puerto Rico for departing the next day.

Again, a nice downwind sail will take you right into Puerto Del Rey Marina to the Caribbeans largest anchorage.

Day 7- After a great dinner onshore at one of the fabulous restaurants, the next day is time to head up to San Juan to catch your flight home. San Juan is about 40 minutes north of the marina and transportation is common and usual between the two.

Can’t any charter yacht do this trip?

No. Because of Custom and Border Patrol Reasons that are too much for me here to go into, (you can read more here) historically, it has not happened or been too confusing for many to chance going afoul of the laws!

VIPCA (Virgin Islands Professional Charter Association) has been working on clarifying these rulings and have JUST done so after almost two years of working with them.

After the 40 yachts I mentioned at the beginning submitted, it has been clarified that they can offer the alternative of the Spanish Virgin Islands as well as the British Virgin Islands.

These yachts can also offer yacht vacations that start in St Thomas, USVI go over to the Spanish Virgins and then drop off back in St Thomas.

I don’t recommend one-way vacations from Puerto Rico to St Thomas as that goes against the prevailing winds and seas.

Puerto Rico sign
From Puerto Rico to Grenada, H2O Luxury Yachts can find you the perfect yacht!

What about Bare Boat sailing from Puerto Rico?

Yes! We have wonderful sailing yacht companies as well if you want to sail your own boat out of Puerto Rico for the week.

How to book your Spanish Virgin Islands vacation?


Contact Kerry at 954-271-3005. Or fill out our quote form and we will get back to you within the day with deals and answers!

This destination is close for US travelers, unspoiled, and with its Spanish culture, will immediately make you feel that you have had a far-off vacation!

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