Sample Puerto Rico Itinerary

H2O Luxury Yacht 7 Day Puerto Rico Itinerary

Things to Do From a Luxury Yacht in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico Itinerary Day 1

Head straight from the busy San Juan airport to the serenity of your luxe private charter. Quench your thirst with a fresh fruit smoothie on the top deck before embarking on your getaway of things to do from a luxury yacht in Puerto Rico.

You’ll fit right in with the other luxury yachters and their spanning boats in the Puerto del Rey Marina! Wander around the largest marina in the Caribbean before heading aboard your private charter. Sprawl out on a chaise lounge with a piña colada in hand as your captain navigates the yacht to sea.

Day 2

Keep your eyes peeled for passing sea turtles in Ensenada Honda, the largest inlet in Culebra. Head ashore for an early lunch at a local seafood shack followed by hours of sunbathing on the white sandy shore.

Enjoy a gourmet sunset dinner and rum cocktails aboard your private charter before leaving the breathtaking inlet.

Day 3

Prepare to be the only people wandering the secluded island of Culebrita. After a brisk hike through the plush coastline, settle into the sand for an afternoon on your own private beach.

Eat a late lunch on Tortuga Beach — don’t be surprised if you spot a few sea turtles! Enjoy a restful night in Las Pelas before a peaceful cruise in the morning.

Day 4

Rise and shine to Cayo Luis Pena, a nature reserve near Culebra known for vibrant snorkeling and refreshing, turquoise waters. Pack a lunch prepared by your chef and wander around the peaceful haven for the day.

Day 5

Soak in the cool morning with a fresh cup of coffee as your captain navigates the yacht to Ensenada Dakiti. Take a midday dip in the bright blue ocean for an afternoon filled with water sports.

Day 6

Kick back and relax on the brisk sail to Palomino Island. This is the spot to enjoy five-star resort amenities like an oceanfront massage or horseback riding.

Palomino Island is the destination for luxury yachters year-round — head to one of the highly-rated restaurants to get acquainted with travelers and locals alike.

Day 7

Soak in the last amazing hours aboard your private charter before disembarking at Puerto del Rey Marina. Spend the day checking out a local sportfishing tournament or relaxing with a cocktail at one of the marina’s bustling bars.

This concludes your 7-day yacht charter in Puerto Rico. This Puerto Rico itinerary is a sample and not set in stone.

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Puerto Rico is the spot for luxury yachters seeking great food and pristine beaches. If this getaway sounds like something you’d love, reach out to the H2O Luxury Yachts team to chat.