Puerto Rico Island is the perfect Caribbean beauty and the ideal holiday spot for a yacht charter experience. From the magnificent mountains and tropical rain forests to the exotic beaches, Puerto Rico can be your next-to-visit holiday destination.

You can make your visit even more exciting if you book a luxury private yacht charter for the entire trip. Or maybe a Puerto Rico catamaran is more your style. Experience unforgettable cruising around the most beautiful beaches of Puerto Rico in luxury yacht charters.

About Puerto Rico

Between the Caribbean Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean, lie the exotic and the most picturesque islands of Puerto Rico. San Juan is the capital city of Puerto Rico and a must-visit see-spot for a wonderful cruising experience. You can visit the Spanish Virgin Islands in your private yacht charters and enjoy the beauty and culture of the islands and explore the rich history of the great islands.

Must-See Spots on Your Puerto Rico Yacht Charter

La Perla and Flamenco, the most serene and fresh-water beaches, you will find in Puerto Rico. The local towns and tropical rain forests are surrounded by these beaches. So, you can visit the local towns or explore the forest and blow off all the steam in the evening by enjoying the beautiful sunset at the beach.

  1. Mona Island is a must-visit. It is famous for its exotic rum and piña coladas. Here you can visit the historic forts which a part of UNESCO.
  2. If you are a true nature and animal lover then do not forget to visit the El Yunque National Forest.
  3. The town of Culebra offers visitors to enjoy shopping on your vacation.
  4. You can also see the sparkling beaches of the main islands of Puerto Rico Le Parla and Flamenco with huge forests to wander for an adventure.
  5. La Coca waterfall is a must-visit for all nature lovers. The spot and view are amazing and here you can spend your day with your friends and family.
  6. Old San Juan is a must see spot for the history and culture.  If you like to gamble there are several great casinos including the Ritz.
  7. For dining stop by Marmalade restaurant in Old San Juan.  And if you are up for a culinary adventure sign up for the 15 course dining extravaganza. Includes 9 different appetizers served tapas style, their infamous white bean and black truffle soup, entree and desserts.
Levi Lowrey and H2O Very own Stephanie Lowrey at the Tasting Menu of Marmalade in Old San Juan Puerto Rico

How to Get to all These Destinations in Puerto Rico

Traveling in the sea is not as difficult as it sounds. As there are easy and modern ways now by which you can travel on your own course. To reach all the destinations you need to book a charter. The most recommended way is to book a yacht charter. And Puerto Rico has marinas all around the island.

Puerto Rico Marinas

Best Time for Puerto Rico Yacht Charter

The best time is from November to June as the hurricane season is gone and the wind knot strength is also lower.

Check out our blog post on chartering the Spanish Virgin Islands to cruise the offshore islands of Puerto Rico (opens in new browser)

Yachts We Charter from Puerto Rico

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