Antigua Charter Yacht Show 2019

Antigua Charter Yacht Show 2019 is now one for the history books. I am writing this wrap up on the airline returning home. H2O Luxury Yacht team members had four yacht shows in a row to attend this year. The Antigua Charter Yacht Show is the final one of 2019.

Where is the Antigua Charter Yacht Show 2019 held?

The old buildings at Nelsons Dockyard in Antigua

The historic Nelsons Dockyard Marina in English Harbour is the host venue.  Falmouth Harbour Marina and the Antigua Yacht Club Marina also held a selection of yachts.

Over five viewing days, charter brokers from around the world had the opportunity to step onboard 60 odd yachts.

Sizes ranged from the lovely and practically new Gigi of Lymington at 66′, an immaculate sailing yacht to Phoenix 2 coming in at 295.’

Antigua Charter Yacht Show Events

Special events included seminars on Greece, Croatia, the Pacific, VAT upcoming this summer in Europe along with Yacht Hops, Luncheons, Brunches, Monday Funday Sails, and nighttime parties.

We had perfect weather for the show this year with nary a raindrop in sight. Boat Shows and Fam Trips are our best way as charter brokers to get eyes on all these yachts. H2O Luxury Yacht Team members then know what we want to offer to our clients for the coming seasons.

I find Antigua always a fabulous boat show to do, as many of the larger yachts come over from the Mediterranean for the winter. Attending Antigua gives us one more opportunity to visit any new ones.

You can read about the Antigua Charter Yacht Show and the schedule here.

Welcome party at Nelsons Dockyard for the Antigua Charter Yacht Show

How was this year’s show?

This year’s show was smaller than some in years past. Some years there are well over 100 yachts present.  It takes a long time to view and climb some of the very large Super Yachts.

I find I have to mix it up, do a few smaller yachts and catamarans, and then gear myself up to do the big boys! It is surprising how quickly you almost decide you don’t have the energy to climb to one more sun bridge. Sun Bridges are often the highlight, and yes, we have yachts with elevators too.

For me, if I was on a billion-dollar large yacht the year before and it looked spectacular, I often will skip a year. That helps get through the megayachts.

The quality of the yachts is always very high here.

This year I stayed at the Catamaran Hotel, which is a casual beachfront location. I enjoyed having a car, so I could escape the mad rush that was English Harbour at times.

Catamaran Hotel view from my room of the beach in Antigua

What were my favorite yachts at the 58th Edition of the Antigua Charter Yacht Show?

That one is hard to answer as you cannot compare a 300′ motor yacht with a 66′ sailing yacht.

I found some older catamarans, such as 79′ MATAU, which was in great shape and looked the same as when I last saw it eight or so years ago. The price point on “not brand” new catamarans is always a delight.

I particularly liked a beautiful 78′ catamaran called NAMASTE, which is on its way to the South Pacific for charters in the spring!

Classic Elegance on Motor Yacht Ariadne

In Motor Yachts, I have a soft spot for the Classic Look of 124′ Motor Yacht ARIADNE, with 141′ Motor Yacht Just Enough and 130′ Motor Yacht Sweet Escape also being standouts in the mid-range.

If you are looking for POSH, the 257′ Motor Yacht Eminence or 229′ Motor Yacht Joy never disappoints.

Motor Yacht Wheels has six decks and features a saltwater aquarium and a crew of 27 for 12 guests.

The SuperYacht Wheels on the docks of the Antigua Charter Yacht Show

Motor Yacht Wheels has a cinema room with big comfy chairs complete with popcorn and candy.

Video Compilation of this year’s show

Enjoy my video compilation of the Antigua Charter Yacht below here. 

Itineraries of the superyachts

Many of our large yachts do travel between the Mediterranean and Caribbean. We can find them in the Caribbean until around mid-April, and then they leave.

If you are looking for a motor yacht in the 100 to 150′ range, we have a few that are in the Caribbean year-round. Others in this size will head up to the Bahamas and the North East this summer.

I also have yachts that are heading to the South Pacific this year. I talked to vessels who are busy making plans for a season in Australia. Superyacht Australia has recently had success in facilitating the change of laws so that foreign-flagged ships can offer charters in Australia.

Before this, anyone foreign-flagged who wanted to offer charters in Australia had to pay 10% GST of the boat value to import it to Australia.

All the yachts did an excellent job of showing this year. We wined, dined, toured, and yacht hopped to our heart’s content.

Dining room of Motor Yacht Berilda