St Lucia is nestled right between the Virgin Islands and South America in the southern Caribbean. Like other Caribbean islands, the island offers stunning views. The Pitons give the island a mountainous feel and are absolutely gorgeous. And the culture of St Lucia is second to none. Of course, the best way to visit St Lucia and visit all the charm of this magnificent island is by a St Lucia yacht charter. The southern Caribbean is a beautiful and laid back portion of the world. Click here to learn more about what the southern Caribbean offers!

The People of St Lucia

The people of St Lucia are amazing. The island is very friendly and welcoming. While the island was once owned by the British, the people primarily speak French. Or Patois. Patois is a unique language to the island. And it is a creole adaptation of French. The St Lucian Creole is not found outside of the island. The people are what truly make St Lucia special and a completely unique experience.

Unique St Lucia

St Lucia is a unique island in many ways. The geography of the island is absolutely stunning. Volcanic eruptions formed the island. And there is still an active volcano on the island today. While the volcano is active, it does not pose an extreme danger. In fact, the St Lucia volcano is the only “drive-in” volcano in the world. While the volcano is active, you can be assured there is no lava spewing out of the earth high into the sky. Actually, the active volcano creates a natural spring that attracts thousands of visitors via St Lucia yacht charter every year. Often tourists visit the park and take cleansing baths in the natural hot sulfur springs. For more information on the volcano click here.

St. Lucia

The Black Sands

Due to the volcanic eruptions, St Lucia is home to gorgeous black sand beaches. The black sand offers a stunning contrast to the traditional white sands of the Caribbean. You can even plan a day trip to soak in black mud baths. The beaches of St Lucia are not often crowded. So, they offer a relaxing experience and allow you to fully unwind. Find a St Lucia yacht charter that will take you there!

St. Lucia

St Lucia Yacht Charter Boats

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