Thailand Charter Week Show Phuket was a fantastic experience for us here at H2O Luxury Yachts.

How many Yachts were on display?

Thailand Charter week Show Phuket had 20 gorgeous yachts on display.

These ranged from the 56′ Lagoon Sailing Catamaran Blue Moon to the 136′ Motor Yacht Ocean Emerald.

Over 50 charter brokers and luxury travel agents stepped on board to visit the yachts, meet the crew and participate in the festivities. The Thai Yachting Business rolled out the red carpet for us. We felt incredibly lucky to be the first participants in this show.

Azimuth 55 Thailand Charter Yacht Show Phuket

How is Thailand as a Charter Destination?

H2O team members first time in the country, and also Thailand Charter Weeks’ first Business to Business yacht show. Our show took place at Phuket Yacht Haven Marina, one of the two marinas in the area that accommodate the large charter yachts.

I think that our recent blog entries speak for themselves as to how we felt about Thailand as a charter destination.

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Yachts from the Thailand Charter Week Show Phuket in Phang Nga Bay

What did we do during the Thailand Charter Week Show Phuket?

Our 3-day show included visits to each yacht, an evening yacht cocktail hop, and seminars on the area.

We shared dinners with the Thai Yachting Community and learned about what to see and do in the area.

After our three day show, we were incredibly lucky to be invited for a VIP familiarisation cruise around Phang Nga Bay cruising grounds.

We visited mangroves, floating villages, James Bond Island, Koh Panyi, Koh Rang, and used all of Mia Kai’s water toys!

Our final dinner was at Coconut Island, where we mingled while enjoying a delicious buffet dinner and champagne. Both on the beach and in a room with a view!

Visiting the Sea Gypsy Village in Long Tail Boats, Thailand Charter Yacht Show Phuket

How is the food in Phuket Thailand?

Our meals ranged from traditional Thai cooking to a Michelin trained chef Notty on Mia Kai Vessel, who presented a creative culinary delight with fresh fish, caviar, and sea grapes.

For the more adventurous, before you board your crewed yacht charter, you can have seafood on the beach, or be tempted by many local small Thai food stands that can make anything taste great.

Buffet Display by Chef Notty on Mia Kai Motor yacht Thailand Charter Yacht Show Phuket

Who organized the Thailand Charter Week Show Phuket?

The Thai Yachting Business Association aptly organized our show. 

Chairman Mathew Na Nagara believes the second year will grow with even more demand from yachts and charter companies.

“The Thailand Charter week was an active first edition of what will become a regular and essential part of the yachting calendar in Southeast Asia.

We’re happy with the general format, the line-up of yachts and exhibiting charter companies, and the wide range of attending brokers from around the world.”

“Phuket Yacht Haven and the fam trips showed the appeal of charter holidays in and around Thailand.”

Thailand Charter Yacht Show Phuket Association

What did our team members think of the yacht show?

The quality of the yachts was certainly much higher then what I expected to see. I had a feeling going into it that the service would be superb on the yachts, and it certainly was!

I am delighted to have high-quality boats to offer our clients in Thailand we have personally vetted!

The yachts included were not only from Thailand but also did one-way trips into Malaysia or Burma.

We were extremely pleased to visit a couple of yachts that made the trip here from Singapore and Hong Kong area, allowing us to get an idea of what is available there as well.

We were blown away by the majestic islands by the thousands rising out of the sea! The area offers enough diversity for sightseeing, remote islands, SCUBA diving, or Snorkeling and culture to keep the most discerning guest happy.

Thailand is a scorching and humid country that you will not notice as much while you are out on an air-conditioned yacht.

I do think that the “experience” is for the more adventurous traveler, after the Disneyland that is the Caribbean and the Mediterranean, Thailand would be an excellent next yachting destination.

Thailand Charter week Show Phuket- The smile says it all!

Video of our Fam Trip on Motor Vessel Mia Kai

Enjoy our fam trip video on motor yacht Mia Kai

Then Contact Kerry or Kevin to book your yacht charter vacation on the Andaman Sea in Southeast Asia.

Visit our Yacht Search Engine to see some of the yachts available in Thailand. Remember that we have many yachts that are not in the search engine that we can show you as well.

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