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Thailand Yacht Charter Guide Phuket Area

H2O Luxury Yachts team just spent a week seeing what Thailand offers. Have you read our introductory blog entry on Thailand as of yet?

We flew to the airport on Phuket late at night and made our way to the SLATE Hotel in Thalang.

Thailand International airport in Phuket

Phuket is one of the southern provinces of Thailand, the largest, and 32 islands off its coast in the Andaman Sea. Here you will find the famous 3 miles of powdery sand beach that is Patong.

Patong is one very famous late-night spot with beer bars, gogo bars, night clubs, and massage parlors that seem to be in every second building. Definitely a sight to see if you are looking for the party atmosphere.

The Slate Hotel is one of the best resorts on this part of the island of Phuket and not too far from Yacht Haven Marina, where the Thailand Yachting Association very first business to business Boat Show happened. 

The Lobby of the Slate Hotel Phuket,

We were able to view 20 yachts of various sizes and shapes, as well as go out on Phang Nga Bay to enjoy the cruising ground as a luxury yacht charter guest.

It was as horrible as it sounds! LOL

What are some luxury yacht charter options in Thailand?

Do you want to go sightseeing? Or are you more interested in Marine Life and would prefer to get to blue waters that are clear for SCUBA and snorkeling?

Thailand has an area for just about any type of vacation you are craving. Of course, we focus on what you can see from a charter yacht vacation from Phuket.

Thailand Yacht Charter Guide Yacht Haven Marina

What can you see in Phang Nga Bay?

The northern part of the Gulf of Thailand is “green water.” Phang Nga Bay is where you are going to find the majestic thousands of islands surrounded by mangroves.

Sightsee Islands such as James Bond Island, (Tapu) that appeared in the film the Man With The Golden Gun in 1974.

Booking a thailand yacht charter
Visit James Bond Island on your Thailand Yacht Charter

Or, visit the Sea Gypsy Village on the island of Koh Panyi. Koh Panyi is a floating Muslim village built on stilts, and fishing is still very much a way of life.

Visiting the Sea Gypsy Village in Long Tail Boats, Phuket

Long Tail Boats are trendy zipping back and forth in this area, taking all the tourists to the Instagram hot spots along with packed full day boats.

A luxury yacht charter allows you to visit these spots when there is not a hundred deep line up to do a selfie! I had an in-depth conversation with Captain Christopher Green on Motor Vessel Mia Kai on when and how he chooses to do the routes.

Chris allows his guests to see the hot spots without a billion other people!

Mia Kai Motor Vessel hired us a Long Tail Boat to view the sites in Thailand

What about the Koh Phi Phi islands?

Phi Phi is one of the top tourist destinations around here! The movie “The Beach” was filmed here on Maya Bay. Back in the ’70s, this was a stunning location with rooms being had to mostly backpackers.

Travelers made their way to Phi Phi and could stay at grass huts on the beach for $2.00 per night. Times have moved on, of course, and now, many resorts have sprung up along with the accompanying tourists.

After the movie “The Beach” Maya Bay was a shoulder to shoulder with tourists on every inch of the beach. That is, until one day, a member of the Royal Family went there and was aghast.

The beach was immediately closed down to allow it to rejuvenate. Your yacht charter captain knows how close he can get to it by sea to enable you to take pictures.

Phi Phi Boats- the colorful ribbons are a symbol of good luck

What is the Similan Islands known for?

Are you looking for Turquoise Waters and SCUBA diving? Perhaps the Similan Islands are the right fit! This area has been a National Park since 1982.

Flying into Phuket is a logical jumping-off point for these remote, pristine islands teeming with marine life. The Similan Islands are generally known as one of the top ten SCUBA diving spots in the world and open between October and May every year.

If you have been to the Baths on Virgin Gorda in the British Virgin Islands, you can get an idea of what the Similan Islands are like by enlarging the Baths on a VERY Large scale.

Can we go to the Surin Islands?

Now we are getting closer to Burma. The Surin Islands are a National Park as well, and just a few kilometers from the Burmese Oceanic Border. Richelieu Rock, one of the top ten SCUBA dives in the world, is here.

This area hosts the Moken People, Sea Gypsies that traditionally live on their Fishing Boats. They go between Thailand and Burma. An interesting fact is that they have no written language, and all knowledge is passed down orally!

Sea Gypsy Village

Thailand Yacht Charter Guide Boat Choices

We have approximately a dozen large and small charter yachts we can recommend in this area ranging from a 56′ sailing catamaran to large expedition yachts.

My absolute favorite would be M/V Mai Kai. This yacht helmed by Englishman Christopher Green takes up to 8 guests in pure luxury, with a crew of 6 including a Michelin Star Trained Chef onboard Noddy.

Thailand Yacht Charter- Mia Kai Motor Vessel

Coming in around 96′ this yacht offers a Master, VIP, and two twin cabins. Perfect for two families.

Rates for M/V Mia Kai around 69,000 Euro Plus Expenses a week. Full disclosure, I have spent time cruising this area onboard Mia Kai! I can heartily recommend the yacht and crew.

Mia Kai Motor Yacht, Master Stateroom

Another excellent choice would be the 62′ Sailing Lagoon Catamaran Jyohana. This 2011 boat takes up to 8 guests with a much lower price point, around 25,000 Euro plus expenses for a week sailing vacation. Another of our team members took a few day’s cruise on this yacht with great first-hand experience! 

The crew on Jyohana shined with their service and local Thai dishes.

Watch for our upcoming blog entries with full reviews on not only both these yachts but others that we recommend.

Jyohana Lagoon 620 Catamaran

How do I book my Thailand Yacht Charter?

Easy! Contact Kerry by any means, and I will be happy to walk you through my new knowledge of the area and yachts. A great time to think of going on your yacht vacation in Thailand would be between October and May.

This could be you on your Thailand Yacht Charter

Check out a sample Thailand Yacht Charter Itinerary

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