Gorgeous, Glamorous, Greece

Book a yacht charter in Greece and see the white-washed caves of Santorini and the bright blue Aegean and Ionian seas from a whole new perspective. You’ll never have enough time to explore the 6,000 islands that Greece boasts, but the perfect yachting itinerary and a top-notch captain will fill your days with the best of the eastern Mediterranean.

Luxury reaches a whole new level when you experience one of the most romantic, picturesque countries in the world. Enjoy Greece from the privacy of your own yacht. Start your days in sleepy fishing ports and transition into a night of endless fun in one of Greece’s cosmopolitan hot spots. Greece is at the top of many bucket lists because it’s simply unparalleled. Come experience the vacation that people have raved about for ages.

Visit the Greek Isles the Best Way — by Boat

Or in your case, best accessed by yacht! Greece will check every box on your vacation wish list, so come prepared for endless adventure and unparalleled relaxation. You’ll never experience anything else quite like the sea caves in Triades or the buzzing Syntagma Square in Athens.

A Yacht Charter in Greece Strikes the Perfect Balance Between Relaxation and Roaring Excitement

Mykonos of Greece sailing itinerary
Mykonos of Greece.

Dress down to your skivvies for a day of island hopping. You’re in one of the most beautiful countries with some of the most beautiful people, so nude beaches are in abundance! Psarou Beach in Mykonos is the place to see-and-be-seen so what better way to kick off your vacation than with a stop at one of the best party areas Greece has to offer?

Splurge on a bottle of rose from Nammos Restaurant and drink the day away surrounded by fellow yachters. Closer to Mykonos town and a whole lot calmer is Kapari. Here there will be nothing around you but locals and translucent water. Go for a dip in this quiet cove for some much-needed peace and quiet.

See Why Island Hopping in Greece is the Most Coveted Getaway

Between the ancient ruins in Athens and the exquisite islands, you’ll never have a dull moment as you hop to different destinations aboard your yacht. Adventurous and laid-back travelers alike will find solace in the turquoise seas and colorful coastlines spotted in every direction.  

Live in the pique of luxury as your captain navigates your yacht to some of the most sought-after destinations around Greece. Life is oh so good! Work with our team to create the Greece getaway of your yachting dreams.

Sample Itinerary for Luxury Yacht in Greece