ADRIATIC DRAGON is the perfect embodiment of opulence and liberty!

Boasting ample interior and exterior spaces, premium amenities, and cutting-edge technology, the Lagoon 77 is an ideal choice for individuals seeking a refined and luxurious vacation on the ocean!

Built in 2019, Adriatic Dragon sleeps 8 guests in 4 cabins. 3 Queens, 1 Twin cabin. 

Adriatic Dragon

Charter guests of Adriatic Dragon are routinely impressed by the freedom and versatility that accompany living on board the catamaran. Whether it’s the thrill of waking up to a fresh view every day or the option to relax on the deck or discover neighboring islands, the Lagoon 77 affords an ideal setting for living life at your own pace.

Adriatic Dragon is also a preferred option for individuals seeking an environmentally conscious way of life. Outfitted with solar panels, wind generators, and a water maker, the catamaran is engineered to reduce its ecological footprint.

This Lagoon is a marvelous catamaran equipped with a hydraulic door in the master cabin that opens up to the water and doubles as a secluded balcony for the cabin. This door is designed with a safety mechanism that restricts it from opening while the yacht is underway.

The ability to discover fresh and thrilling destinations is a major draw for those chartering Adriatic Dragon. Thanks to its shallow draft and capacity to anchor in secluded bays and coves, charter guests can easily access places that are typically out of reach for larger yachts.

Adriatic Dragon Crew

adriatic dragon crew

Captain Niksa Gjurasic hails from Dubrovnik, Croatia where he spent his childhood beside a marina, immersing himself in the world of boats. As a young adult, he became an active member of the local sailing and rowing club, eventually attending maritime school and embarking on a career as an apprentice officer on both merchant ships and yachts.

With over 30 years of sailing experience, he has amassed an impressive record of accomplishments, including the attainment of the Master of the Ship certification up to 3000GT by STCW convention and sailing over 250,000NM.


Adriatic Dragon Catamaran

Adriatic Dragon Water Toys

Adriatic Dragon 3

Weekly rates for the year 2023 are listed below, and they include Croatian VAT:

  • For weeks before May 27th and after September 23rd, the rate is 55,650 EUR per week.
  • For the period between May 27th and July 8th, the rate is 71,900 EUR per week.
  • The period between July 8th and August 26th, the rate is 84,900 EUR per week.
  • The period between August 26th and September 23rd, the rate is 65,500 EUR per week.
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