Tahiti is the largest island in French Polynesia. Tahiti is divided into Tahiti Iti which is the east and the Tahiti Nui which is the west and the larger section of this place.

The most attractive thing about this place is its black sand beaches which bring travelers from around the world. Here you will find lagoons, waterfalls, and 2 extinct volcanoes that you can visit and know about their history. Tahiti is one of the most popular destinations around the world right now and known for its natural beauty and breathtaking views. And there is no better way to visit Tahiti than with Tahiti Yacht Charters.

Namaste Private Sailing Catamaran Tahiti

About Tahiti Island

Shaped like an 8 figure, Tahiti is the soul and queen of the South Pacific. Having the largest chain of islands, Tahiti is also part of French Polynesia. The place is filled with small and large islands with different natural beauties and destinations to visit during your trip to Tahiti. The total landmass of this place is around 1600 square miles.

Must-See Spots on Tahiti Yacht Charters

Being a famous honeymoon attraction for couples, this place offers tons of spots and reasons to be here. Families and friends are also welcome here to enjoy the soothing wind and amazing sea breeze.

Tahiti Over Water Bungalows
  • The three waterfalls more commonly known as Les Trois Cascades or the Faarumai Waterfalls are present in the northeast part of Tahiti.
  • La Plage de Maui is the only white beach sand present on Tahiti as here you will find black sand beaches all around you. So, don’t forget to see what makes this place an exception.
  • Huahine Natural Aquarium gives you a closer look at the beautiful and amazing marine life. You can either watch from over the platform or dive in the water to be a part of the ocean.
Tahiti Natural Aquarium

Scuba Diving in Tahiti

Tahiti is not only famous for the beautiful views and black sand beaches as here the entertainment and adventure begins. Here you can aboard a scuba yacht and enjoy the top dives of French Polynesia. The top places you can go for scuba diving in Tahiti include the Tahiti aquarium, the Marado, the cargo ship, and the Catiline, Miri Miri and Tiputa pass, etc.

How to Get to all These Destinations

Being a part of the ocean is all about being free and calm. So, you can book your own luxury yacht and travel to all these destinations. Whether you prefer a sailing catamaran, scuba yacht or mega yacht H2O Luxury Yachts can help you find the perfect private boat charter for your Tahiti adventure!

Best Time for Tahiti Yacht Charters

There is no one time to travel here as this place is ready for you all around the year. You can come here according to your own plan and enjoy the world-class experience of French Polynesia.

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Yachts We Charter From Tahiti

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Get ready to experience the best yacht charter experience of your life.

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