Everything You’ve Dreamed About and More Aboard a Tahiti Yacht Charter

What’s so special about a Tahiti Yacht Charter? Tahiti — the tropical escape nestled among 100+ islands of French Polynesia. Famous for luxury bungalows and pure relaxation, and for great reason. Dive into the Polynesian culture and cuisines as your luxury yacht charter takes you from one dreamy destination to the next.

Come for the richness of the amenities abundant in Tahiti or to escape from the hustle of your hometown. The cobalt seas of this little paradise are sure to exceed expectations.

Experience the Opulence of French Polynesia

Take a deep dive into Tahiti’s unique culture by becoming familiar with Raiatea, French Polynesia’s Sacred Island. Raiatea is the central hub for all yacht and sailing charters in the area. Join your fellow travelers on an excursion into the lush rainforest and massive archaeological sites around the island.

Island Hopping Done Right Aboard you Tahiti Yacht Charter

Beach Hut Tahiti
Beach Hut Tahiti

The good news is, the primary pastime in Tahiti is sheer relaxation. Between hours lounging on the yacht or nearby beach, head to the Anapa Pearl Farm to learn about pearl diving and experience the coral garden. If there’s ever a time to splurge on a pearl necklace, this is it!

If you have a chance to make your way to Motu Toopua on Bora Bora (which you really should!), swimming and snorkeling are possibly the best in the world. Head to the notorious Bloody Mary’s after a long day in the water for a couple of cocktails and the possibility to meet a celebrity or two.

The beautiful thing about staying aboard a private yacht charter is you don’t have to worry about a single thing. Exploring the islands of French Polynesia can be confusing, but all you have to do is pour a glass of wine and sunbathe as the hour’s pass. Ahhh…the good life.

We promise you won’t miss out on Tahiti’s ultra-chic glass-bottom bungalows when you sleep aboard your luxury Tahiti yacht charter. But, we don’t blame you if you want to check them out. Opt for a day pass at one of the lavish hotels like the Hilton Bora Bora Nui Resort & Spa for access to all of the luxe amenities.

The Beauty of Yachting Around Instead of Staying in One Spot

The bungalows are undoubtedly beautiful, but there’s no sense in confining yourself to a small segment of the island! Tahiti is home to fantastic fishing spots, rich history, and breathtaking mountains. Work closely with our team to curate a yachting getaway to Tahiti that checks all the boxes.