Skylark South Pacific Sailing Catamaran is our BOAT OF THE WEEK! One of our largest sailing catamarans. Enjoy this 2018 72′ Chris White Design catamaran for up to eight guests in the picture-perfect South Pacific! That is right, a large fully crewed and inclusive sailing catamaran that can take you to Tahiti and Bora Bora! Skylark is also a fast sailing yacht. Skylark routinely sails at speeds between 12 and 20 knots! Imagine skimming over the water, watching the fish life in the clear water from the foredeck.

Please note that due to the COVID 19 Pandemic, SkyLark is located in New England of the United States in the summer of 2020. It intends to make her way to the South Pacific next year instead.

Boat of the Week- Skylark South Pacific Sailing Catamaran

Make and Model: Chris White Design  72′ Sailing Catamaran Charters in: French Polynesia, Tahiti, Bora Bora, Society Islands Skylark Catamaran sleeps eight guests in four queen-sized Cabins. Crew members: 2 Type of Charters: Fully Crewed and Inclusive. Bar, Taxes and Crew Gratuity is additional in the South Pacific

Skylark South Pacific Sailing Catamaran Map

What is the best time to sail in Tahiti?

Look between May and October for warm water and fantastic sailing conditions with gorgeous clear days and nights for you to relax into!

What are the Toys onboard Skylark Catamaran?

  • Kiteboarding gear for experienced kiteboarders
  • Two stand-up paddleboards
  •  Kayaks
  • Fishing Gear
  • Tube
  • Wakeboard
  • Underwater Camera
  • 14′ Tender with 40 HP engine
  • Informal Sailing Instruction
Chromis at Tahaa SCUBA diving, French Polynesia

Tell me about the onboard crew on Skylark South Pacific Sailing Catamaran?

“Skipper Alan Weeks hails from South Africa. After a career in geological exploration, he managed a large construction company but finally returned to his first passion – sailing. Oceans have had Alan’s attention from a young age. His father was a professional diver and passed a love of the seas on to Alan. Since earning his Yacht Master’s Offshore License, he has logged tens of thousands of ocean miles on the north and south Atlantic, the Indian and Pacific oceans, and the Mediterranean and Caribbean seas. Twenty years ago, Alan sailed into St Vincent and the Grenadines on his 40 ft sloop and had continued to soar in these waters on many types of vessels enthusiastically sharing the experience with his guests. He enjoys free diving, surfing, wakeboarding, and kiteboarding. Although he has an adventurous spirit, as your skipper, your safety is always his first concern. Liz, your first mate, and the hostess was born in Jamaica and moved to South Florida as a teenager. She became a cosmetologist, a profession in which she excelled. Liz has a natural ability to pamper others with an artistic flair. Liz has been sailing since meeting Alan in 1998. Both Liz and Alan enjoy excellent dining-so food on Skylark will be delicious and beautifully presented. Liz’s cuisine is diverse and international, developed through her extensive travels. Her other interests include exploring above and below the sea, photography, and watercolor painting.”

Skylark South Pacific Sailing Catamaran Crew Liz and Alan with myself

Tell me about the yacht Skylark?

Skylark Crewed Catamaran sleeps eight guests in 4 cabins. All have queen-sized beds and en-suite washrooms All cabins have individual a/c controls for comfort. Skylark Catamaran was built by Aquidneck Custom Composites of Bristol, Rhode Island, to a sleek Chris White design and can carry you worldwide on voyages that most will only dream of.

  • COMFORTABLE Excellent underwing clearance and a soft-riding hull form eliminate pounding. The interior optimizes for cruising comfort both underway and at anchor. Ample living areas forward and aft, excellent ventilation, and a protected watch-keeping station, a gourmet galley, and dedicated workspaces all contribute to cruising joy. FAST Catamaran SKYLARK delivers dependable high performance and is among the fastest cruising yachts. Windward performance is exceptional; she points high and tacks quickly. A powerful yet easy to handle sail plan, efficient underwater foils, and slender easily driven hulls combine to produce fantastic sailing.
Skylark South Pacific Sailing Catamaran
Skylark South Pacific Sailing Catamaran

What is the menu like on Skylark Crewed Sailing Catamaran?

The best way to explain Liz’s cuisine style is to share with you what former guests have had to say.

  • “Given our vegetarian/vegan preferences, we hoped Liz could adapt her menu plans — well it turns out that not only did she adjust, but she also managed to apply her creativity and inspiration routinely. I think we can honestly say that we have never had over a week of such fine dining ever — this is almost like having two vacations in one — sailing of course, and something like an elegant dining spa retreat. It all started when we first boarded. The aft deck was set up with a dining table. For our late-night “snack,” Liz prepared this exquisitely delicate pumpkin soup — along with a nice glass of wine, we were instantly in relaxed vacation mode. Then there’s the all the fresh baking she does — muffins of course, but get this — we had mentioned veggie pizzas in the booking form as one possible lunch item. Liz baked fresh pita bread and made it into mini-pizzas topped with veggies and seasoning — a recipe that ends up so much better than any conventional notion of pizza, it must be tasted to be believed. These are just a few examples — your future guests must understand that this level of dining happens every meal! Perhaps the best way to summarize our experience is to note that Robin was so impressed she started photographing every meal as-presented before allowing us to touch a morsel of food.”
Skylark Catamaran aft Cockpit area

What is Skylark’s Crewed Sailing Catamarans Rates?

All Rates I am going to talk about here for Skylark South Pacific Sailing Catamaran are fully crewed and inclusive for seven nights. There are a few small exclusions:

  1. Crew Gratuity 15- 20% of the Charter fee industry-standard, adjusted to how you feel the service you received was.
  2.  Any dockage you request during the week. The fun of the charter is the anchorages! Out where you have elbow room and can see the stars and jump in the water!
  3.  Your Bar and tax in the South Pacific are at additional cost
  4.  Any food and drinks you choose to eat onshore.
  • 2 guests: $27,500
  • 3 guests: $28,500
  • 4 Guests: $29,500
  • 5 Guests: $30,500
  • 6 Guests: $31,500
  • 7 Guests: $33,250
  • 8 Guests: $35,000

Skylark Catamaran is currently available for Xmas and New Year’s 2020 in the South Pacific. Flat All-inclusive rate of $39,900 H2O LUXURY YACHTS OFFERS A  SMALL SAVINGS ON “H2O LUXURY YACHTS BOATS OF THE WEEK”!

Skylark South Pacific Sailing Catamaran

H2O Luxury Yachts onboard Skylark Crewed Sailing Catamaran

We were just on board this yacht in Antigua, November 2018. It is a beautiful, spacious catamaran with a fantastic crew on board. H2O Luxury Yachts Team is happy to answer any questions that you may have and help arrange your charter yacht vacation. Contact us by telephone at 1-954-271-3005 or WhatsApp at 1-734-716-0678. You can fill out the inquiry form directly on our booking page for this beautiful Catamaran Skylark You can email us from our contact page If you are looking for a detailed FAQ on a crewed yacht charter vacation, please check out our info page!

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French Polynesia Raivavae Island Skylark South Pacific Sailing Catamaran

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