Let H2O Luxury Yachts Book your Water taxi along with your charter in the British Virgin Islands. We take care of all the hassle! Between $200 to $500 per person return depending on which water taxi is available and number of guests.

Read on for more info on flights, water taxis, ferry services, and hotels.


There are 4 airlines to choose from when flying into Road Town, Tortola. American Airlines, United Airlines, Delta, and Jetblue all offer flights into Tortola starting at around US$400 for a round-trip flight.

These flights land regularly in Road Town and depart from Miami, Boston, Newark, JFK, Laguardia, and Washinton giving you several options to fly to Tortola.


If you are flying into St Thomas, USVI you will often need to take a ferry or water taxi into Tortola. Ferry prices are usually $120-160 per person round trip whereas water taxi is roughly $320-450 per person round trip. This is a big price difference but the process of getting to your yacht is so much smoother and more luxurious on a water taxi. 

The water taxis we work with offer VIP services, no baggage fees, and arrange a land taxi to pick you up from the airport and drop you off directly to the yacht. This saves you from waiting in the ferry and customs/immigration lines. 

We recommend the private water taxi experience hands down. We are happy to take care of all arrangements and build it into your charter fee invoicing you for the entire thing without you having to do anything but provide us passport copies and flight information.

Rough Ferry Prices:

Roadtown Fast Ferry– $618 for 6 pax round trip. Excludes baggage fees. RTFF Baggage details- The carrier allows each passenger to check up to 10 bags no more than 50 pounds each. Each checked bag will be charged a fee of 10 dollars for the first 3 bags and 10 dollars thereafter for each additional bag.

Smiths Ferry Prices: $612 for 6 pax round trip and $367 one way.

Smith’s Baggage details- Passengers are allowed one (1) small piece as a carry one. Excess baggage will be subject to a $10 service charge. Bags weighing over 50lbs will incur an over-weight charge of $0.50 per pound.

Native Son Prices: $445 for 6 pax one way Charlotte Amalie to Road Town.

Native Son’s Baggage details- One free personal item, per person such as a backpack or over-the-shoulder bag is free. Any additional items (50Lbs max per item) will cost. $10

Road Town Fast Ferry
Road Town Fast Ferry


Guests can be cleared in without even getting off the water taxi at customs. The boat can be waiting for them at Norman Island or elsewhere without them even having to touch Roadtown.

Chillout Charters pricing is $630.00 + $55.00 per person for groups under 6 pax between Red Hook and Nanny Cay. Any additional passengers after that it is $155 per person (including international processing fees).

Island Time pricing is $630.00 + $60.00 per person for groups under 6 pax between Red Hook and Nanny Cay. For 6+ pax it is $225 per person (including international processing fees).

Both companies offer to arrange private land taxis to/from the airport for $19 per person and a 10% discount on a return water taxi if made in the same booking.

Island Time does charge $50 per person with their late clearance through customs for arrivals after 4:00pm.

chillout charters chill pit
Chillout Charters chill pit

One way Rates Red Hook to Nanny Cay (includes international processing fees):

Chillout 6 pax = $960

Chillout 8 pax = $1,270

Chillout 10 pax = $1,580

Island time 6 pax = $990

Island time 8 pax = $1,800

Island time 10 pax = $2,250

Chillout Charters:

Our water taxi prices are based on a 2-tier system: – A per person price where the party consists of 6+ passengers, OR a fixed price for 5 or less passengers.

Water Taxi Quote (Either Direction):

  • From American Yacht Harbour, Red Hook, St. Thomas to the vessel at Nanny Cay Marina, one way, for 6 or more passengers, is $105.00 per person plus $50.00 per person for international processing fees.
  • For 5 or less passengers, one way is a fixed price of $630.00 plus $55.00 per person for international processing fees.
  • The total cost for your party of 8, one way, including all fees is $1280.00
  • Round trip bookings qualify for a 10% discount on the return trip (excl. international processing fees) when booking together. The total round-trip cost for your party of 8, including all fees and the 10% discount on the return trip is $2476.00
  • For an additional $360.00, each way, our water taxi can pick up/drop off at Charlotte Amalie, Crown Bay Marina*. This is the most convenient and fastest option when flying in and out of St. Thomas airport, however, this option can be weather dependent*. If it is too rough, we will refund this surcharge and change to a Red Hook pick up/drop off instead. The Captain will usually decide this the day before, or day of travel.

If required (please let us know) – Private Ground Transportation (Land Taxi) Organized By Chillout Charters – COSTS ONE WAY – Either Direction:

–        From St. Thomas airport to American Yacht Harbour, Red Hook (25-35min drive) is $19.00 per person inc. luggage (Based on a party of 5 or more people). For 4 or fewer passengers it is a total fixed cost of $90.00 inc. luggage.

–        From St. Thomas airport to Crown Bay Marina, Charlotte Amalie (5min drive) is $10.00 per person inc. luggage (Based on a party of 5 or more people). For 4 or fewer passengers it is a total fixed cost of $55.00 inc. luggage.

For any other locations, we would have to find out the cost, but if they are in the Red Hook or Charlotte Amalie area, it will be a similar cost.

For all ground transportation – the driver is to be paid separately in cash on the day. When you land, you will need to turn your phone on so that our driver can call you to find and collect you outside St. Thomas airport.

The water taxis that will transfer you will either be the sleek, spacious and very comfortable 39ft Midnight Express or 36ft Black Water Sport.

On board the vessels there is a selection of complimentary beverages. The vessels are also equipped with large inside storage compartments that will keep your luggage safe and dry from the elements.

Be sure to have your playlists ready as they have great speaker systems on both boats.

Island Time Water Taxi:

The details listed below are for Island Time Water Taxi. We often recommend Island Time for their reliability and maintained boats, but please let us know if you’d like help looking into other private taxi options. Also, for comparison, prices on the ferry would be about $160 per person both ways.

island time water taxi
Island Time water taxi

Please note that water taxi rates are priced for a minimum of 6 people and the per person flat rate is added on for each passenger after that.

Other rates/discounts:

-$60 per person international processing and entry fees not included (payable in cash to your captain)

-$19 per person taxi transfer from St Thomas airport to Red Hook ($90 minimum charge)(payable in cash to your driver)

-$50 per person late clearance fee for flights landing in St Thomas after 4:00 pm

-10% discount on return if booked at the same time

-10% discount for groups of 10 – 12

-Groups can be combined where practical to do so

-Discounts cannot be combined

From St Thomas to Nanny Cay, British Virgin islands – for your party of 8 will be a flat rate of $165* per person each way.

Late arrivals into St Thomas can be tricky as we are somewhat constrained by the hours of operation of BVI customs and immigration. Although there are informal procedures for after-hour clearance, the process is not consistent and approval is not guaranteed.

If you are arriving at St Thomas later than 4 pm we will do our best to accommodate you. Any delays should be communicated to us as quickly as possible so that we can plan accordingly.

If your flight is significantly delayed, we reserve the right to cancel your water taxi transfer. If delays are not communicated to us in a timely manner you may be charged for cancellations caused by a delayed flight.

Note: We do have a five-person minimum charge

On board, we provide VIP service and serve complimentary water, soda and beer for your journey.

To make a reservation I will need:

Full name

Email address

Cell phone contact #

Credit card number with expiration date

Arrival date, flight number & arrival time

Departure date, flight number & departure time

Final destination in the BVI – Please provide charter company name or boat name if Crewed Yacht

Copies of passport photo pages and vaccination cards

Negative test results within 48 hours of arrival to BVI

Please read below for a bit more information about our water taxi service: 

– We offer full VIP service from arrival at the St Thomas airport to your destination anywhere in the BVI.

– Unless otherwise agreed with you, our runs are completely private.

– You and your guests will be treated to a cold beverage when you board.  

– Your private taxi will collect you from the St Thomas airport. Our drivers monitor flight arrivals and will be there waiting to take you to your water taxi even if your flight is delayed.

– No baggage fee charges

– We operate on your schedule. We monitor flight arrivals and make the necessary arrangements to get you to your destination in the BVI even if your flight is delayed**.

– NO standing in long lines to buy ferry tickets. NO rush to catch the last ferry. NO inconvenience caused by ferry cancellations or ferry being oversold.

– For our charter yacht guests, we can take you directly to your charter yacht so there is no need to take land taxi in the BVI. 

– We handle all customs and immigration clearance while you wait comfortably on board. NO standing in long immigration, customs and baggage claim lines. 

– When we quote you a price we included EVERYTHING – no hidden fees, no surprises.

Emerald Beach Resort St Thomas
Emerald Beach Resort St Thomas


St. Thomas Hotels:

West End (Near Charlotte Amalie/Airport): 

Emerald Beach Hotel is right near the airport, nice beach.

Olga’s Fancy is in historic Frenchtown, close to downtown and convenient to Charlotte Amalie. A favorite of yacht charter brokers for clean and decent without being too pricy.

Mafolie downtown is on a high hill overlooking the downtown that has a gorgeous view but you’d have to take a cab to get anywhere.

Windward Passage hotel is convenient, right downtown and on taxi and bus routes along with shopping!

Galleon House is also downtown, clean and relatively inexpensive but there are a lot of stairs.

Lindbergh is across from the airport on the beach. Not as nice as Emerald, but on the water.

Bunker Hill is a Bed and Breakfast right at Charlotte Amalie. This has quite a few stairs.

Blu Beard (not Black Beard) It’s newly remodeled and renovated. We had some friends stay here in November. It is high on the hill overlooking downtown Charlotte Amalie.

Midtown (think an old non updated Motel 6) but cheap and lots of people do use it if they just want a bed for the night. Downtown area.

East End (Near Red Hook):

Sapphire is at Smith’s Bay. This is closer for Red Hook.

Secret Harbor is pretty popular with yacht charter brokers here and is past Red Hook.

Margaritaville again is past Red Hook and Very American style.

Red Hook AirBNB 

Tortola Hotels:

Wyndham Tortola British Virgin Islands Lambert Beach Resort 

Maria’s By the Sea Hotel 

Nanny Cay Hotel 

the Sugar Mill Hotel 

Sebastian’s on the Beach 

Long Bay Beach Resort 

Wyndham Tortola BVI Lambert Beach Resort
Wyndham Tortola BVI Lambert Beach Resort

Call your luxury charter yacht brokers. We are standing by to help book your British Virgin Islands yacht vacation! 

We have over 20 years of running and booking charters and can arrange the perfect yacht charter! 

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