Slip Away to the Caribbean’s Best Kept Secret

Leave your passport at home for a luxury yacht charter in Puerto Rico. Fill your days bouncing between colorful waterfront cities like Rincón and bright coral reefs lining the Spanish Virgin Islands.

Soak in your yacht’s abundance of amenities between stops at Puerto Rico’s dreamy locales. Bounce between the three main islands of Vieques, Culebra and Culebrita for breathtaking coastlines and endless adventure.

The Island of Enchantment is Calling Your Name

The Caribbean’s premier marina, Puerto del Rey Marina, is the perfect spot to embark on your luxury getaway. Kick back with fellow yachters and kind locals at the marina’s Cueva del Mar before setting sail.

Between the seaside town of San Juan and the bioluminescent beaches of Mosquito Bay, there’s no shortage of adventure to fill your days. After a fresh cup of coffee on the top deck, strap on your snorkel to explore PR’s bustling reefs.

Every day brings something different aboard the privacy of your luxe charter! See for yourself why so many yachters choose yacht charters in Puerto Rico.

Puerto Rico sign
From Puerto Rico to Grenada, H2O Luxury Yachts can find you the perfect yacht!

Puerto Rico’s Vivid Beaches are a Hotspot for Laidback Yachters

This is the place to be for travelers seeking peace and quiet. Spend your sun soaked days exploring the waters and your evening mingling with locals. Puerto Rico packs unlimited opportunities to escape in the small relaxed cities lining the coastline.

Experience Puerto Rico Aboard a Luxe Private Yacht

Craving an adventure off the beaten path? Puerto Rico is the spot for you. Chat with the H2O Luxury Yachts team to curate an itinerary perfect for you and your crew.

No matter how you choose to fill the days aboard your private charter, Puerto Rico is the place to go for endless adventure and ease.

Sample Itinerary for Luxury Yachts in Puerto Rico