Grenada Rum Distillery

Grenada Rum Distillery-River Antoine Estate is one not to miss! Do you ever feel like you would like to step back 250 years in history? Visit Grenada and take a tour of the River Antoine Estate Rum Distillery. You will.

If you are chartering a yacht in Grenada, take a day off to do a tour, hopefully with ROGER of Pure Grenada.

Grenada is an island with a rich history of distilling rum, moonshine and bush spirits.  Of the three existing distilleries on the island, the most scenic, historic and unchanged in its 228 year history is River Antoine. Located in the beautiful northern parish of St. Patrick, River Antoine has been making their legendary high proof Rivers Rum since 1785.  Their age-old techniques and antique equipment have remained, making a tour of the facility like walking through a working rum museum.
river antoine estate
River Antoine Estate

Traditional Grenada Rum Distillery

River Antoine is a traditional working rum factory from 1785! It has 99% original parts and a water wheel, all done in conventional labor-intensive old ways.

It is the oldest functioning distillery in the Western world, still churning out bottles of rum with a water wheel.

To me, the Grenada Rum Distillery is a real highlight on the Grenada Island tour 🙂 It won’t take you long to realize why Grenada is called the Spice Island of the Caribbean!

river antoine rum

While living in the British Virgin Islands, I was fascinated by the ruins of rum distilleries, but I could not have imagined the sights, smells, and ambiance of a real working one.

This company does not export its rum. Everything they make sells as soon as it comes out on the island. The Grenadians prefer a potent overproof rum, but if a tourist buys to take on a plane, they have to get it under 70%, so they cut it with mineral water.

If you manage to get your hands on a strong bottle, I warn you that you won’t be allowed to take it on the plane home with you.

I love the name “Tourist rum.” So appropriate!

Local Following

River Antoine operates throughout the year and enjoys a solid local following.  Like regional beer snobs in the States and Europe, Grenadians often choose their rum brand based on where they live on the island.  Rivers fans are so loyal, in fact, that the company is not able to export any rum – they just cant make enough.  100% is consumed by locals who proudly stick to one brand.

There is a popular adage in the north of Grenada, “DON’T SAY RUM, SAY RIVERS.”  It’s pretty clear that in nearby taverns and rum shops, people are enthusiastically saying RIVERS over and over again.

Distilling in large barrels

Up until this century, the rum was distilled in traditional large barrels, but they have worn out, and now it is in large steel vats.

The only correctly functioning water-propelled distillery in the Western Hemisphere!

Go. Be Blown Away

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