You can choose to either help animals with PAW BVI or help to save the reef with Beyond the Reef BVI.

Both are so needed.

Beyond The Reef works to create an abundant and diverse marine ecosystem that simultaneously encourages local community education and pride in the surrounding underwater habitat.

Beyond the Reef is made up of an Underwater Engineer, an Oceanographer, an Environmental Filmmaker, and many other volunteers.

No managing members of Beyond The Reef take a salary and they don’t have any overheads. Every dollar donated goes straight to their causes.

Paw BVI is a registered non-profit in the beautiful British Virgin Islands. Our mission is to decrease the number of homeless, abandoned and unwanted dogs and cats by funding spaying and neutering of stray animals and “owned” animals whose owners can’t afford to have it done privately.

Our wonderful volunteers also foster a number of animals until we can find them homes or send them to rescue partners in the States.

Ways of helping out at events
 – working on stalls 
– selling raffle tickets
– hosting our PAW kids club
– coordination
– setting up 
– promotion

paw bvi events

We look forward to working with charter guests to help get these two great non-profits some needed support!

We have over 20 years of running and booking charters and can arrange the perfect yacht charter! 

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