Take a Dive Down Under, Mate

Why choose a yacht charter Whitsundays?  So you can immerse yourself in the amazing turquoise waters of Australia, where a tempting list of adventure and relaxation await. Take a swim near the Great Barrier Reef for a glimpse into the exotic sea life or grab a cocktail at one of the floating bars and restaurants.

There’s something for everyone here in arguably the most magnificent yachting grounds in the world. There are countless islands dotted by luxury resorts, and laidback escapes. The Australian yachting experience is calling your name if you’re on the hunt for spectacular scenery and activities.

Book a Yacht Charter in Whitsundays and find enough anchorages to keep your memories alive for weeks. If the day calls for it, skinny dip in the secluded Nara Inlet and then venture over to the dreamy waterfalls in Stonehaven.

The Yachting Destination for Luxury and Laid-Back Travelers

While we’re confident you could relax on one of our luxury yachts for weeks, it would be a shame to miss out on the little luxuries found on Hamilton Island. Hamilton Island is the spot for unique dining options like the favorite of visitors and locals alike, Coca Chu and Bommie, with its spectacular views of the Coral Sea.

Hamilton Island is the perfect mid-charter pitstop due to sun-soaked outdoor activities like private nature tours to spot kangaroos following up with resort-style amenities like massages and golf.

Whitehaven Beach and Hill Inlet. Whitsundays.
Whitehaven Beach and Hill Inlet. Whitsundays.

A Yacht Charter in Whitsundays is the Perfect Way to Explore the Australian Pacific

The Great Sandy Strait rivals the Whitsundays for the best yachting experience in the Pacific. Start the journey at Tin Can Bay for great prawning on the south end of the Strait. Keep the party going all the way past Tinnanbar, Boonooroo, and Poona to drop anchor at Kingfisher Bay Resort. Spend the day enjoying tropical drinks and white sand beaches.

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Australia (more like Aaaahhhstralia) is a luxury yachting paradise that belongs on every water lover’s bucket list.

Work with our team to create an Australian adventure by yacht curated, especially for you, Mate. (Sorry, we couldn’t resist). Yacht Charter Whitsundays makes the perfect down islands getaway!