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H2O Luxury Yacht Australia Itinerary

Things to Do From a Luxury Yacht in Australia


Australia Itinerary Day 1

Start your Australian adventure in Airlie Beach — the perfect launch spot for your week yachting the Whitsunday Islands. Familiarize yourself with your private yacht during the short sail to Nara Inlet, where waterfalls tumble down the hillsides and the sea is as clear as your vodka tonic. As far as things to do from a luxury yacht in Australia, the perfectly curated itinerary below is a great place to start.

Fill your day at Nara Inlet snorkeling, exploring Aboriginal caves and soaking in the lush greenery. Head back aboard your private yacht for the next stop on the most memorable getaway of your life.

Australia Itinerary Day 2

Sail down the coast of Hook Island for one of the gems of your journey, Whitsunday Island. Brush elbows with fellow yachters at Cid Harbour before exploring the sandy beaches and energetic walking trails.

Australia Itinerary Day 3 of Alaska Itinerary

Relaxation meets the pique of luxury on Hamilton Island. Immerse yourself in the unparalleled amenities of this resort island like world-class golf and diving. You came for a getaway dripping in luxury, and the fantastic bars and restaurants are sure to impress. Head to coca chu for a true Oz dining experience.

Australia Itinerary Day 4

Next up — Whitehaven Beach. Juxtapose the partying and first-class adventure on Hamilton Island with a full day sprawled out on the stark white sand. With no buildings or civilizations anywhere around, Whitehaven Beach is the perfect spot for snorkeling and skinny dipping. The picture-perfect place to soak in the solitude.

Australia Itinerary Day 5

Dive down under at Manta Ray Bay to swim with the friendly beasts below. The swimming on this northern beach rivals anything you can experience on the Great Barrier Reef. Even better, a calm and safe anchorage is always within reach. Finish off your day of adventure with a gourmet meal on your yacht overlooking the picturesque bay.

Australia Itinerary Day 6

Day 6 of your Australian itinerary is the last full day on your yachting getaway. We recommend spending it exploring Hayman Island. This five-star yachting hot spot is home to a bustling marina, fabulous food, and incredible sea life. Board a seaplane to explore Australia from above, or take your adventure underwater for a front-row seat to the continent’s notorious marine life.

Australia Itinerary Day 7

Enjoy the wide-open waters aboard your luxury yacht for a sail back to Airlie Beach. This resort town on the Whitsunday Coast is the perfect culmination to a week of opulence and adventure. Spend your remaining hours soaking up the unique markets and buzzing nightlife.

This concludes your weeklong Australia itinerary. Remember, this is a sample Australia Itinerary and can be altered to meet your desires.

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