Croatia is one of the most beautiful countries, with more than 1200 exotic islands. Wow! And what better way to explore them than by private luxury yacht? If you want an utterly fantastic sailing experience across Europe, consider a Croatia yacht charter. It is located south of Slovenia and across the Adriatic Sea from Italy. It is a land of the world’s most beautiful islands and sailing destinations. Croatia indeed provides travelers with the world’s most exotic sailing experience. The country is rich in history and culture, has serene views, and has an ideal climate. And don’t forget the five-star dining experience. Moreover, Croatian yacht charters are affordable for everyone, including families, friends, and couples.

About Croatia

Croatia has a rich culture and provides travelers with the best scenic views of the exotic islands and magnificent waterfalls. There are the most friendly and welcoming natives living in small towns and villages surrounding the islands and sailing areas. One of the most famous yacht sails is across the vivid blue Adriatic Sea. The coastlines have the most extraordinary nightlife. The excellent breezy sailing destinations like Dubrovnik, Kornati, Zadar, etc. welcome tourists worldwide. Most Croatia yacht charters are luxurious and fully equipped.

Must-See Spots on Your Croatia Yacht Charter

  • One of the best places to start your sailing experience is Split. Split is situated near the Dalmatia region and is a perfect mix of modern life and ancient history. Diocletian Palace, built in 305 AD, is one of the highlighted landmarks of Split. Visit Diocletian for more information.
Diocletian Palace
  • The Mediterranean city of Split also provides the best nightlife to enjoy. Check out the Split Nightlife guide on for more detailed information on specific bars and nightclubs.
  • If you want to enjoy a worthwhile yacht experience, you must visit the magnificent Zadar. The city is rich in history and culture. It has some great architectural wonders situated here. 
  • Touted as Dubrovnik’s most excellent restaurant, you should check out Nautica.  You’ll find this gem with magnificent views and culinary delights within the walled city of Dubrovnik.  It is truly a world-class dining experience.
Nautika Restaurant Croatia
  • The Istrian peninsula and Kvarner Gulf are must-see spots while cruising around Croatia. It has a seaside town called Rovinj, which is very famous locally — known for its delicious cuisines of the world and classic wine experience.
  • Krk is a large Croatian island in the northern Adriatic Sea, connected to the mainland by a bridge. But of course, the best way to reach it is by a Croatia yacht charter.
KrK Croatia Charter Boat

How to Get to Croatia?

You can quickly get to Croatia via scheduled international flights. Also, you can travel to Croatia from Italy by ferry. Of course, trains and bus services are also available if you are already in Europe, but it depends on specific timings and days of the month.

Here is a list of airports that service Croatia.

Best Time for a Croatia Yacht Charter

If you are planning to go on a Croatia Yacht Charter, you should consider the peak time for traveling to enhance your experience. The best time of the year is late Spring or early Fall, so primarily April to October. Overall, the weather stays pleasant, i.e., sunny days with a cool breeze. July and August are usually warmer. September is an ideal month for a Croatia yacht charter weather-wise and budget-wise.

Croatia Yacht Charters with H2O

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