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Will different Yacht Brokers have different prices for yachts?

All brokers get the same commission rates from the yachts. Emailing a hundred different brokers to get the best price is not a good strategy. Brokers and yachts who do..

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Is travel insurance an absolute must?

Travel insurance is always a good idea. Basic insurance coverage ranges from four-to-seven percent depending on your getaway of choice. In some cases, your yacht charter might require insurance. Globetrotting..

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How much gratuity should I leave the crew?

It’s your call! The industry standard is 20% percent of the charter fee, but it’s at your discretion to tip more or less based on how you feel about the..

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What is a Partial Board or Half Board Charter?

A Partial Board Charter means that you agree to take a certain amount of your food and beverage meals ashore during the week. A Half Board is seven breakfasts on..

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What does “plus expenses” mean?

What does “plus expenses” mean? Rates for larger motor yachts don’t always include running expenses like food, dockage, and fuel. Instead of an upfront “all-inclusive” fee, the final step to..

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What is the fuel policy with bareboats?

With all power yachts and most sail yachts, you start with a full diesel tank and have to refill it before you return the boat. Moorings sail yachts are an..

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