It’s your call! The industry standard is 20% percent of the charter fee, but it’s at your discretion to tip more or less based on how you feel about the service. The crew is aboard your yacht to serve you all day every day. They do everything in their power to meet all of your requests. It can be nervewracking to carry around large sums of money while traveling. While cash is certainly preferred, many crew members accept Paypal, Venmo, wire transfer, or credit cards. Alternatively, you can arrange prepayment in part of full to your broker prior to your trip. On your go-ahead, your broker will release the payment to the crew.
Whatever gratuity you give will be paid to the captain and distributed amongst the crew.
Tipping is a huge part of the charter business and the main source of income for the crew members. Your yachting crew truly enjoys what they do, and gratuity for a job well done allows them to continue doing what they love.
If the Captain Owns the Boat, Does He Really Need a Tip?
Short answer, absolutely! It’s easy to assume your captain and crew have plenty of money because they own a yacht. Normally, the yacht is actually owned by the bank. The captain looks at the boat as a large investment and will go above and beyond to make sure you have an amazing charter. Just like any yacht charter, gratuity is the best way to tell your crew thanks for a job well done.