Necker Eustatia Island BVI is the second and third most northern island in the British Virgin Islands behind Anegada, which is 15 miles further north. Necker Island is located just north of North Sound and owned by Sir Richard Branson of Virgin Records, airlines, space, and anything else you can think of to put Virgin in front of!

Also, Necker is a private island that boasts the world’s most exclusive resort. The resort here takes up to 34 guests, and you rent the complete island for about one hundred and fifteen thousand dollars per night.a

drone view of Necker Island

Anchoring Necker Island

There is a sandy patch amongst the many coral heads that one can anchor on towards the southern side of Necker Island. From here, you can take a dingy ride closer to the island and glimpse one of the many movie stars or royalty staying here. Often, you will see them scurry away before you get close. Just in case you are paparazzi.

The staff on Necker Island all sign a nondisclosure agreement before they are employed. This ensures the guests’ secrecy! Sometimes, you may see Sir Richard, an avid sportsman. If a blond-haired man comes smoking past you on a windsurfer, be sure to have your camera ready!

necker island

A small sand spit is just south of the island, making it an excellent spot for those Caribbean sand island pictures. Take your dingy to the Necker side of the spit and beach there. You will see a couple of fake palm trees planted here. They tried to have genuine palms for many years, but the sand spit constantly moves and is highly exposed to storm weather. Be careful when walking on the sand as sometimes birds nest here and lay eggs on the sand.

This sand spit is where I often had that “one” particular and beautiful shell!

Necker Island FAQ

Flamingos can often be seen on the beaches of Necker Island. The island has a large breeding population living on its salt pond.

They are native here, but their numbers dropped to nearly zero. Sir Richard imported a flock and, during mating season, fed them a portion of food that’s the equivalent of flamingo Viagra. The numbers are growing!

On the island, he also has a couple of Galapagos tortoises. I can’t be amiss in not mentioning Gumption’s Adventure Tours, where you can have an up-close and personal experience with all these and the Lemurs! It is always highly recommended by all our guests.

Although all beaches in the BVI are public, including Necker’s, please be respectful and don’t go ashore. Guests pay a lot of money for their private vacation; it’s unfair to ruin that. A dinghy tour around the protected part of the island is a fun tour to do.

Gumption's Necker Island Tour- Virgin Gorda Things To Do
Gumption’s Necker Island Tour- Virgin Gorda Things To Do

Prickly Pear Island and Eustatia Sound

To the south of Necker and east of the main channel into the north sound. There is a pleasant anchorage that is much quieter than around in North Sound. Enter about midway between Eustatia and the headland on prickly to its west. There is a shoal that heads out from Eustatia towards the west. Sail towards the eastern end of the beach.

There is good anchoring here in about 10 feet in the sand. Pretty much anywhere in here is protected enough to anchor overnight. The water shallows towards the western end of the beach. Eustatia Island is privately owned at one time owned by Larry Page

necker eustasia

Necker Eustatia Island-BVI

The sound is a beautiful expanse of protected water—by protected, I mean really protected. Either land or a very shallow coral reef completely encircles it. It is off-limits to bare boaters but makes a perfect place to explore with your dingy.

Access can be gained by a passage between Saba Rock and Bitter End Resort or from the Prickly Pear, Eustatia anchorage.  Travel slowly and be aware of the many areas of the shallow reef. If you are in this area because of a land-based vacation, then this is a perfect area to explore in a small boat rented from Leverick Bay.

About a half-mile east of Eustatia Island on the southern reef, you will find a lone white mooring ball; this is a snorkel area with a couple of cannons on the reef. Jump in here and try out your treasure-hunter skills!

Oil Nut Bay, Virgin Gorda

A trip to the far eastern end of the sound will take you to Oil Nut Bay. This is a lovely spot to explore in your dingy. In the shallow waters, you will often see stingrays and turtles. Oil Nut Bay Marina is now a popular spot for lazing the day away with their Marina Village, Restaurant, Pools, and Beaches.

Old Nut Bay

On your way back, you can just follow the shoreline carefully. Often, you will see flamingos wading in the shallows. The sound is a popular area for Kite Surfing. The reef protects the waters and is usually relatively calm. There is, however, no protection from the constant trade winds, which makes for excellent Kiteboard waters.

We have many yachts that can take you to this Island, either Staffed charter yachts or bareboats. We are happy to give you more details if you need help anchoring at Necker Island. Necker Island has no public moorings, and the anchoring room is extremely limited.

This area is a fabulous jumping-off spot if you go to Anegada.

How do I book a Necker Island Yacht Charter?

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