Grenada Charter Yachts are wide and varied. With more yachts basing themselves there every year!

It has surprised me that this stunning area of the Caribbean has been slow to catch on for yacht charter guests. To me, it is like the Virgin Islands was almost 30 years ago. And a natural next progression once you have sailed the Virgin Islands.

Grenada and The Grenadines almost have to be looked at in the same breath. Somewhat like the relation between the US and British Islands, they are so close in distance. Many Charter guests fly into Grenada and take in both Grenada and the Grenadines in one yacht charter vacation. Although with the Grenadines having 32 islands and Grenada having several, you will not see them all in one time!

The last time I was in Grenada or The Grenadines was the early 2000’s. We did several yacht charters down there in summer at the time. My memory of those charters is in no particular order:

Not So Highlights from my 2001 Yacht Charter in The Grenadines

  1. Fighting with the flies in Bequia
  2. Being hassled by the Boat Boys
  3. Being hassled by the fruit and vegetable vendors
  4. Going down south to avoid hurricanes only to have to find a place to tie up for a storm (yes, during charter)
  5. Torrential rains and Italian clients who kept on insisting that our boat was not the one the charter broker booked them on.
  6. Before Port Louis Marina was built (yes, it was that long ago!) In Grenada, being scared to go ashore in the town
  7. Trying to find sodas, the clients wanted at a reasonable price.

Highlights from my Grenada & Grenadines Yacht Charters

  1. SCUBA diving off Young Island and finding old bottles from the 1700s.
  2. Climbing to the top of Young Island for the beautiful view, that I could not climb them today.
  3. Tobago Cays. Before there was anchoring or SCUBA restrictions, it was just about the most beautiful place I had seen in the world.
  4. Mustique. Simply because one just has to go there (yes, it was expensive still then)
  5. Finding Erikas Yacht Services in Union Island and being able to get the INTERNET! You should see how they have grown today!!! (!)
  6. Buying a piece of Scrimshaw on Bequia for my husband
  7. The Many Dolphins that played in your wake in between St Vincent and Bequia. I had never seen so many at one time.
  8. The Beaches are spectacular.
  9. I Love that it IS the Caribbean was 25 years ago.
  10. Love the friendly, warm people.
bequia beach hotel
Bequia Beach Hotel

As you can tell, my experience was a mixed bag. We did not ever venture too far inland away from the water (my mistake, as you will learn). 

Grenada Charter Yachts- Go back in Caribbean Time.

The great news: It is still the Caribbean of 25 and more years ago, and this trip, I discovered my ranking of things I liked and bothered me had totally changed.

Maybe I was looking at the Grenadines and Grenada from fresh, older eyes, eyes that had not already been strained from probably doing 30 weeks of a charter in the ten months proceeding it. Maybe with age comes wisdom.

The Southern Caribbean has “grown-up” some and after IVAN (a rare hurricane hitting it, category 3 in 2004. Typically Grenada is just about out of the hurricane belt) billions of aid poured into the island over time, and they used it to rebuild properly. The result shows on Grenada. It is simply stunning.

St George, Grenada. Grenada Yacht Itinerary
St George, Grenada

Two summers ago, in 2018, I visited the Charter Yacht Show put on in Grenada.

We had an opportunity to visit and board 18 yachts doing charters either full time or part-time in Grenada, and with it being a small show, it was relaxed (too relaxed, I found out after the first day when I realized I better pick up the pace!).

We were able to view the bareboat fleet bases and the stunning new Glossy Bay Marina in Canouan.

Our round the island tour stopping at Grenada Rum Distillery

Eating Ashore on Grenada.

These are some of my favorite restaurants on Grenada.

Victory Bar at Port Louis Marina.  Victory Restaurant claim to fame is the #1 thin crust pizza in Grenada, which I can attest too. I had it many times while I was visiting charter yachts at Port Louis Marina.

The Aquarium  The ambiance with the beach setting is something you don’t want to miss. We had a bonfire on the beach before dinner.

Belmont Estates  This plantation dates back to colonial rule in the 1600s! They have kept the history amazingly alive on Grenada.

Our mouthwatering soups, appetizers and buffet of traditional fish, chicken, beef or mutton, savories and local vegetables dishes are created with fresh ingredients from our vegetable garden and just the right amount of local herbs and spices to create a truly appetizing meal.

Dive into a culinary adventure with our signature items – callaloo soup, papaya salad, goat cheese salad, our own home-made ice cream featuring flavors such as coconut, bergamot, cinnamon, and delicious punches and juices made with fruits from our estate. Top off the meal with sumptuous chocolate delights made from own organic chocolate.
The restaurant at Blue Lagoon Hotel (try the seafood buffet on Saturday nights) Blue Horizon Resort, I stayed here before our charter and loved the hotel and employees who readily had a smiled for me.

Southern Caribbean Itineraries

An ideal itinerary for the Southern Caribbean in my mind would be to Fly into either St Lucia or St Vincent, stay overnight, take a ferry down to Bequia or a quick few minutes flight, spending a couple of days being pampered at the Bequia Beach Hotel, and then board your yacht.

Take in all the islands between Bequia and Grenada. Depart back home in Grenada and spend a couple of days on land before flying home.

Or, fly into Grenada and take a charter from there going up to the Grenadines if you only have a week, although ten days would be better.

A ten-night itinerary on the yacht would do it, or seven on a boat and a few days on land, either end of your Grenada Vacation. 

When to go to Grenada

Go. Make your plans and go. Trust this long time Yachting Professional. Ask me for help. Anytime is good. Many of the charter yachts from the Virgin Islands relocate to Grenada and The Grenadines for July through October. I have given you some below to look at that spend most of the year in Grenada.

Yachts for Grenada Yacht Charters