Canouan Yacht Charters The Grenadines- Visit this beautiful island between St Vincent and Grenada on your yacht vacation. Canouan is the heart of the Grenadines!


How many of you know where Canouan IS? It has been said tongue in cheek that it is one place that billionaires will go to escape the millionaires 🙂

Canouan is a small island, with only around 1200 people living on this tiny jewel of a volcanic island.

How large is Canouan?

It is a small 5 square mile island in the Grenadines that has had a complex history, at one time in the not so far past having a Raffles Resort and “everything branded Trump” Hotels and Casinos. The casino is now a shelter and the rest has gone.

You can fly here from Grenada or St Vincent in about 20 minutes or 45 minutes from Barbados. You can pick up your luxury yacht right here! Only 3.5 miles long and a half-mile wide, it does not take long to cover the entire island.

Irish Billionaire Dermit Desmond has done the work on the VERY Superyacht Styled marina on the South part formerly called Glossy Bay, now Sandy Lane Yacht Club. Which, upon arriving at, you may be confused and think you were at Portofino in Italy.

The government of St Vincent and The Grenadines is a partner in this development. Cool facts below…

  • The mean sea level depth of the marina ranges from 3m in the flushing channel to 6m in the basin.
  • The marina has its own desalination plant, power plant, and wastewater collection and treatment system.
  • c.500,000 cubic meters of earth excavated and fully re-used internally.
  • c. 46km of subterranean ducting installed.
  • The development includes over 5km of the roadway.
  • At the peak, there were approximately 700 people working on the development.
Glossy Bay Marina. Grenadines yacht charter itinerary

The airport runway is extended to 6000 feet and will fit a 737 never mind your private luxury jet. The marina has space for a 100-meter yacht (!) and down.

There are thousands of tortoises on the island. Canouan means the Island of Tortoises!

Can I play Golf on Canouan?

Canouan has the only championship 18-hole golf course in the Grenadines, The par-72 Jim Fazio course. One of Bill Gates favorite courses.

If you have to ask the price of any of the amenities at the Mandarin Oriental or Sandy Lane Yacht Club Marina, you may not be able to afford them.

We had a taxi driver on the island who, let’s say, was “politically active” on the island, and we listened to the long history politically on Canouan.

This is one gorgeous island, with beautiful white sand beaches that are well worth your stop.

Canouan Beach
Canouan Yacht Charters Sandy Lane Yacht Club Marina

Tell me about Sandy Lane Yacht Club on Canouan

Sandy Lane Yacht Club provides 120 marina slips, with 24 of them being large enough for superyachts of various sizes. Two Hundred and Fifty Million Dollars Minimum is being spent on this development.

Shenanigan’s Restaurant on the beach there is very pretty and one of the local hot spots for well-heeled tourists. To me, it looked a bit out of place in the Caribbean some of the architecture and I wonder how it will stand up to time. 

Time will tell that!

If you are on a luxury charter yacht vacation it is DEFINITELY going to be a must call stop on Canouan!

Pink Sand at Mandarin Oriental Resort

canouan hotel
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