Adriatic Sea- Sailing Croatia Yacht Charters

Time to think about your Adriatic Sea- Sailing Croatia vacation!

Where is Croatia and the Adriatic Sea?

The Adriatic Sea is part of the Mediterranean Sea. This sea is on the eastern side of Italy and the countries of the Balkan Peninsula, such as Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, and Albania.

The Adriatic Sea- Sailing Croatia Yacht Charters

What is the best way to explore Croatia?

By Yacht, of course, with over 1000 gorgeous, stunning islands, Croatia is at the top of the “must-do” destinations. I am not sure what is a “hotter” destination at the moment, Greece or Croatia!

We match you up with the perfect Sailing, Motor, or Super Yacht depending on your interests, budget, and the number of guests in your group.

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Last Minute Croatia Yacht Charters
Visit Vis on your Croatia Yacht Charter

7-night Itinerary Croatia History Sailing Yacht Charter

1) Board the yacht, get settled in, and be briefed on the boat. Set sail for Drvenik, where you can spend the night at anchor under the stars.

The “Old” village of Drvenik, abandoned in the 1960s of the 20th century, is a great walk to see the preserved architecture.

2) Continue sailing for the town of VIS and spend the night in this peaceful harbor. Take a guided tour. VIS is the furthest inhabited island off the Croatian Coast.

If you find yourself humming “Mamma Mia, Here I Go Again,” that is because it was featured extensively in the sequel!

3) Go ashore to the beautiful Blue Cave on Bisevo before sailing to Korcula and Korcula City. Stay overnight in a marina ashore to explore the sites and attractions.

4) It is time to head to Hvar and Hells Islands (Pakleni Islands). Voted Europes BEST island destination in 2019 by Conde Nast, the walls here are from the 13th century; you have a hillside fortress to explore AND a large Cathedral in town.

Look for fields of lavender and explore the beaches and coves of the Pakleni Islands.

5) Time to head over to Stari Grad, located on the Northern side of Hvar and possible one of the oldest settlements in Europe. Stari Grad quite literally means “Old City” and has had many rulers over the centuries.

6) Sail to Solta and take a walking tour of the ancient monastery at Blaca. For dinner, find local delicacies in town, and enjoy a quiet evening again at anchor.

7) On the last day of your unforgettable yacht charter, let’s make the most of it with some invigorating swimming and a leisurely sail before we head back to Trogir in the late afternoon.

The Blue Cave on Bisebo, Croatia

7-night Itinerary Croatia Foodie Sailing Yacht Charter

1) Again, board the yacht in Trogir, settle in, and overnight at Drvenik. Drvenik is close to the base and gives everyone time to get their sea legs with a short sailing excursion in the afternoon.

2) Head to Komiza on the island of VIS and enjoy dinner ashore. Komiza is a quaint fishing village with 50 beautiful beaches to explore!

3) Experience the unique beauty of the Blue Cave on the island of Bisevo, followed by a visit to the town of VIS. Here, you can savor a special wine-tasting tour and delight in the regionally famous Croatian Dish of Peka for dinner.

Travels with Tricia tells us, “One of the most popular meals in Croatia’s Dalmatia region is Peka, a blend of vegetables and meat drizzled with olive oil, sprinkled with herbs, and then baked to perfection under a bell-like dome.”

4) Head to Hvar and “Hell’s Islands” (Pakleni), anchoring in a quiet bay. You won’t run out of cobblestone streets to stroll in this labyrinth. Go during July when the Lavender Fields are in full bloom (but also the people!).

5) While still exploring Hvar, it’s time to head over to Stari Grad, the old settlement on the other side of the island. Today would be a great day to visit a private wine cellar!

6) Sail to Solta and take a walking tour of the ancient monastery at Blaca. Find local delicacies in town for dinner, and enjoy a quiet evening again at anchor.

7) Last day of your yacht charter. Let’s swim and sail before returning to Trogir in the late afternoon.

As you know, all routes can be different depending on the weather.

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Traditional preparation of Croatian Foodie Dish of PEKA

What is the best time to go on a charter in Croatia?

As in many European Destinations, Croatia’s season is from late April to late October. July and August are the hottest and busiest months and the times when the seasonal yacht prices are at their highest.

Aim for the sweet spots of late May to late June and mid-August to mid-September for a price break and to avoid the huge crowds.

It’s important to note that many yachts in Croatia price their charters based on the week of the week. This unique pricing system, unlike the more common high-season and low-season rates, may be familiar to those who have chartered in the Caribbean before the year you are in.

A half-board charter, where you have some lunches and dinners ashore, is a perfect blend of “getting away from everyone and everything.”

Half Board Charters allows you to explore the world-class Croatian local cuisine inland and on the boat.

What is Water Temperature in Croatia?

I hate always saying, “it depends,” but it does. In terms of a yachting vacation between the end of April to the end of October, you are going to be somewhere between 20 degrees Celcius and 25-28 Degree Celcius for water temperature.

For those who only use Fahrenheit, that translates to 68 degrees in the early season (chilly!) and 77-82 degrees by the end of August.

There are variations. It also depends on how deep the water is and how much water movement there is where you are.

Take a Boat Trip to the gorgeous beach of Hvar, Croatia

What days do Charters start in Croatia?

Unless we have special arrangements, then the typical charter week in Croatia is Saturday to Saturday. You can count on embarking your yacht late in the afternoon.

How can I get more information on Sailing Croatia?

When a getaway to Croatia can’t wait any longer, our team is here to help. Chat with the H2O Luxury Yachts team today to discuss the details of your perfect Croatian vacation.


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