Beyond the Reef Willy T Pirate Ship. Today let’s talk about the sinking of the Willy T’s Ship in August of 2019 in the British Virgin Islands. The second of three Reef Art Projects from Beyond the Reef we are blogging about.

  1. Kodiak Queen (Formerly YO-44 in WWII)
  2. Willy T’s Pirate Ship. Sunk off Key Cay, Peter Island in 2019
  3. Shark Planeo- Three planes turned into various sharks and sunk off Great Dog Island.
Beyond The Reef British Virgin Islands, H2O Luxury Yachts
Beyond the Reef Art Reef Projects

Willy T Pirate Ship, Key Bay, Peter Island

Willy T’s is legendary! Originally and legally named the William Thornton, this “too much fun” floating bar is now in its third reiteration. Willy T’s has been a firm favorite with locals and tourists alike for decades.

This writer has been there, jumped naked, and got the T-shirt! This was a couple of decades ago. I am not sure how many marriages have started from couples meeting each other at this spot, but we are one of them.

They have a famous “shotski” that has been used millions of times over the years. A great place to go for a morning SCUBA dive underneath it to find lost sunglasses and dollars.

Willy T's Pirate Ship- Second Version- H2O Luxury Yachts
The second Willy T's Floating Bar

Tell me the history of Beyond the Reef Willy T Pirate Ship

Originally came into life in 1989, the first Willy T’s was an old Baltic Trader from 1935. This ship was wooden and sprung a leak in the middle of the night in 1995 and sunk at her mooring.

She was raised and towed to Peter Island, where she was a dive site that quickly broke up, and now, all you can find is a few pieces of wood. The Second Willy T’s was a 100′ steel trader that soon proved to be even popular than her predecessor until the hurricanes of 2017.

Beyond The Reef Willy T's Pirate Ship
Figurehead and the tow to Peter Island

Beyond the Reef Willy T Pirate Ship

“On August 7th, 2019, Beyond The Reef successfully sunk the legendary Willy T, landing perfectly upright on the sand in between two coral heads.  She now lives in Key Bay, Peter Island at 65 feet, with the top of her “crows nest” at 35 feet.

She can be seen and enjoyed by snorkelers, but was designed with careful detail to create a truly interactive experience for scuba divers.”  We were lucky enough to be onsite that day and the first guests to recreationally be on it!

Beyond The Reef Willy T's Pirate Ship
I am the Pirate Captain

Where is the Beyond the Reef Willy T Pirate Ship located?

The Willy T’s landed at Key Bay on the Island of Peter Island. She sets in 65′ of water, with mooring balls above it for yachts to tie up to. It is possible to see it while snorkeling, but better under SCUBA. The crow’s nest is about 35,’ and many pirate statues have been placed from the shoreline out to the wreck for snorkelers to happily visit as well.

There is a nominal charge of $5.00 per person, which your Captain on your yacht charter will collect from you, or you can donate directly to Beyond The Reef online.

Beyond The Reef Willy T's Pirate Ship
Beyond The Reef Willy T's Pirate Ship
Willy T's cleaned and on the beach
Willy T's cleaned and on the beach

How Can I visit Beyond the Reef Willy T Pirate Ship SCUBA sites?

We at H2O Luxury Yachts are happy to set you up with charter yachts that also offer SCUBA diving on board.  We are uniquely qualified as SCUBA Instructors ourselves. It is also possible to dive the wrecks with Rendez-vous diving and one of the local dive stores.

They will pick you up from your yacht at anchor, take you to the wreck site, and then back to your boat.

Beyond The Reef Willy T's Pirate Ship
Beyond The Reef Willy T's Pirate Ship
Beyond The Reef Willy T's Pirate Ship
Paparazzi for the sinking of Willy T's Pirate Ship